RuneScape - The other is that the magic damage is actually increasing

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These two points show you how to OSRS GP exploit the weakness that the beast has. If you're facing Dark Beasts (which are the ones you're fighting now) and you show weakness to range, and you decide to melee, well you'll notice 2 things. One is that you only hit.

The other is that the magic damage is actually increasing because of your armour. (A alternative to this part is to wear Hybrid gear, for instance the Warpriest of Armadyl , which you can get in the form of a drop from Aviansies and other creatures in the GWD) It's also worth noting that it's a must to purchase a Royal C'bow. Ammo is very cheap, costs just over 1M to create, and outhits CCB.

Last but not least, Use abilities as often as you can. For instance, if I'm casting Fire Surge on an glacor and utilize a magic power do not use the arrows in any way. The same applies to arrows that are within the range. For slayer tasks, you'd want to avoid ultimates, and focus on basics and thresholds, until you can use Guthix' Blessing to heal, or Berserk/Metamorphosis for some crazy damage.

Then I've explained virtually everything you need to learn concerning the EOC for you. Maybe I'll create an article on this. And if you need any more help, PM me via this email, or in the your game "Renegaderp".

If you're not able get a royal crossbow, have a think about getting one like the Armadyl. Always make use of dual weaponry for slayer tasks. Pick the best weapon you have. If you have a lv 80 ranged weapon and an 80-lvl melee weapon as your most powerful weapons pick the weapon is the weakest weapon for your monster (according to OSRS buy gold the combat triangle).