How do you ensure the security of customer data without giving up on important features like IVR systems?

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An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) calling system is an automated customer service solution that uses pre-recorded responses to satisfy the demands of callers – ideal for your Inbound Call Center. IVR calling systems, when well-designed, may save you and your clients a lot of time and money.


For all of your IVR needs, SlashRTC is a cloud based contact center solution, which means you do not have to spend on expensive hardware and neither do you have to spend time looking for highly paid staff. Now that's a significant save, and it's only one of the many advantages of SlashRTC's cloud-based Interactive Voice Response System.


The benefits and features of an IVR calling system are endless - 


● No limitations on the number of lines that can be used

● There are no further charges for dialer licenses that are not used

● Diversified functionality with voice, script, and complicated layered messages

● Call recording is available for free

● Operational information and reporting are available in real time

● Untouched dialer capacity

● Call routing based on the type of escalation


The mixed IVR capabilities of SlashRTC allow for basic or complex designs. You can manage each call utilizing personalized voice recordings, menu selection, and routing choices to appropriate competent agents or immediate pass-through to an agent with these capabilities. This is accomplished through the use of straightforward templates and call flow wizards, which allow for easy configuration of IVR scripts that can be deployed in minutes.


For data security as well as good call connectivity, IVR Calling systems can be linked with Call Masking solutions. Call masking helps to preserve your privacy by masking the number. Two parties can join a call without revealing their identities using this technique. If local/personal numbers are chosen as a mask, it not only helps to protect privacy but also delivers a personalized experience. Call masking has proven to be quite useful and effective in many situations. 


SlashRTC's call masking technology has aided numerous companies in better reaching their target audience in a variety of ways. By anonymizing each party's phone number, the method helps to prevent the misuse of sensitive information. The following are some of the advantages of using this service:


1. Customer Privacy

2. Real-Time Call Monitoring

3. Call Support

4. Multiple Numbers 

5. Call Reports Recordings

6. Real-Time Call Statistics


Some scenarios - 


● You can show a masked number to your consumers if you want to provide them with a personalized experience. 

● When it comes to delivery services, call masking protects clients phone numbers from delivery personnel.

● You can have an impact on your local presence by purchasing a local phone number and disguising it with your helpline number.

● Connect clients to drivers, delivery staff, or vendors without revealing their phone numbers. 


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