How To Clean Jordan 4 Metallic red sneakers.

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Clean your sneakers the right way. In this part of the article, we will pay special attention to the use of specialized products in the care of sneakers and to little-known life hacks.

Specialized sneaker care products may seem expensive to many, but they work at a high level and provide excellent results in cleaning sneakers, but only if used correctly. Before using the cleaner, it is

Important to remove large particles of dirt and jordan 4 metallic red dust, as they can scratch the surface of materials. Coarse dirt can be removed with a brush, cloth or microfiber, which has a unique absorbent feature.

They are usually quite easy to use - moisten a brush, apply funds to this brush, "foam" on the surface of the sneaker and then remove with microfiber. Special tools - sneaker cleaners are 100% safe and effectively fight dirt even on sensitive materials - suede, nubuck, velor and others.

These chemicals can be found in almost any sneaker store, and their popularity is growing every day.

Now a fairly large number of products are offered, but they all work in approximately the same way - and their differences are in the name, the quality of the packaging. Pay special attention to producers who independently create educational materials, demonstrate the results of the action of funds to the public.

To achieve a positive effect - follow the instructions. At the same time, it is better to clean regularly, then your sneakers will always be fresh and retain their appearance for a long time.


As more accessible methods in case of minor contamination, we can recommend the use of a melamine sponge. It is easy to use and at an affordable price. First you need to moisten it, then “walk” it on the surface, and the effect will not be long in coming.

The most attention should be paid to the method of cleaning sneakers with mesh:

Pre-place dry wipes in sneakers in order to protect against leakage of detergent inside.


Remove dirt from the surface with a cloth.

Find a used toothbrush or the brush that came with the chemical and rub the stained areas along with the cleaning agent. Lather or wet the jordan 4 metallic red mesh liberally. If the dirt is old and cannot be removed, you must wait while applying detergent.

Remove the foam and applied chemical agent with a tissue. If this does not help, then thoroughly treat with water, while making sure that the sneakers are clean.