Lost Ark Central EU Servers are full of players

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No one thought that a traditional MMO would become so popular among players in Europe and the United States, but Lost Ark did it.

No one thought that a traditional MMO would become so popular among players in Europe and the United States, but Lost Ark did it. The free-to-play game published by Amazon quickly became one of the most popular games on Steam. It took just a week for Lost Ark to go from launch to becoming one of the most-played MMOs on Steam. However, the excessive number of players also brought huge nights to the server. Currently, Lost Ark players in Europe need to wait in long queues to enter the game every day. So game developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon announced new EU West servers to address the issue.

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EU West will allow some new players who enter the game later to get a better gaming experience. However, long queue times will continue to afflict those players still on the Central EU server. Amazon recently released an announcement explaining why. According to the article, based on the complexity of all the systems that need to work together, they cannot directly add new servers to the Central EU region. Even though the servers in the region are at full capacity, they can't do anything with the servers. In addition, there is currently no character transfer feature in the game, which means that you cannot directly transfer your most powerful characters to servers in other regions. Of course, if you haven't made much progress on your current server, I highly recommend you go to a new server, create a character and start over. Trust me, your experience will be much better than it is now.

The game was released in South Korea back in 2019, however the South Korean region of Lost Ark has only recently introduced a server transfer feature. To do this, developers need to batch transfer operations on a weekly basis. However, this feature won't do anything to solve server queuing issues in the EU region, as you can't move from the EU region to another region. So, the developers say they won't rest until the best solution is found.

Amazon may be the only one happy about the Lost Ark Gold situation, although gamers are still plagued by the problem. Because Amazon's new world MMO launched in 2021 was also a huge success when it was first released, but now its popularity continues to decline. The popularity of Lost Ark has given Amazon its hope in the gaming space. If you want more details, you are welcome to visit MMOWTS and check out Lost Ark's news page. MMOWTS has been selling Lost Ark Gold since the game's release and is new to players, if you want to get lower prices and faster delivery, welcome to MMOWTS to place an order. Their service will not disappoint you!