UNDEFEATED x Nike Sacai Vapor Waffle Tribute To Allen Iverson

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Not too long ago, Nike Sacai Vapor Waffle officially unveiled their upcoming collaboration with Reebok. The collaboration based on Instapump Fury replicates the sacai vapor waffle colorways of the classic Question AI, created earlier in honor of the famous basketball player Allen Iverson. The result is two models, with red and blue accent colors respectively.

The upper of each shoe is predominantly white, with some leather, mesh and neoprene details. The design of this model does not include the use of laces - instead of them, the patented Pump technology is used, which is probably known to everyone.

There are definitely enough logos here - on the pump structures, or, more simply, the buttons, there is a recognizable Five Strikes Nike Sacai Vapor Waffle logo, and on the heels there are large Reebok logos, in a mixture of the same red and blue color. In general, the colors can be recognized for a kilometer, because the bright details look especially catchy on white.

This combination, by the way, is reminiscent of the vintage marathon colors that Reebok loved so much.



An in-depth look at the OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan sacai vapor waffle collaboration

While the whole world is waiting for fresh news about the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 collaboration, about 2 weeks ago it became known about the upcoming collaboration between OFF-WHITE and Air Jordan 1. Photos of the new collaboration also leaked to the network.

Unfortunately, there is very, very little information about the release. We do not know the price, the start date of sales, or the stores where you can buy a pair (by the way, no details are known about the Air Force 1-based collaboration either).

Let's look at the photos. As you can see, sneakers are very different from the classic "ones" model. One of the signs pointing to this is the lack of a swoosh on one side of the sneaker, instead of it there is a

Black lettering. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the remaining swoosh is sewn in a rather original way, giving the impression of some unfinished model. sacai vapor waffle In my opinion, it looks very interesting.

Summing up, I can only advise you to save money and wait for news about the release date of this collaboration. I think this pair is a must-have for every sneakerhead's sneaker collection.