Notes for watch usage

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1, Do not let radio, TELEVISION, and other magnetic objects close to each other, so as not to affect the accuracy.

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2, Do not make the watch close to the solvent, mercury, makeup sprays, cleaners, adhesives or paint, camphor, otherwise the case, watchband will decolor, deteriorate, or damage.

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3, To prevent the case, watchband rust, or discoloration, it is recommended to adhere to the daily use of clean WATER dry (refers to the case as "WATER" waterproof logo watch).

4, When a mechanical watch is not used, it is best to wind up once a month, to prevent the oil solidification in the table.

5, Waterproof, shockproof, antimagnetic watch, can only play a preventive role, in use still must avoid contact with water, magnetic field, and strong vibration, so as not to damage the movement, affect the service life.

6 Do not put in the smell of acid and alkali, and mothballs (health balls) or camphor smell in the clothes box, to prevent the oil and its chemical reaction and deterioration, resulting in the dial color, movement damaged.

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