How Is The Calendar Chronograph Watch?

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Chronograph watch has many types, the most common is the window Calendars Window calendars also have many forms of evolution, such as: There are three types of speeds from changing calendar numbers: (1) Instant jump, (2) fast jump, (3) slow climb.

The position of the calendar window on the dial is mostly at the 3 o'clock letter, and the other positions are different, but the strange one is the so-called "big eyes" calendar, which is the ten digits and the digits of the calendar. A situation in which two dials are displayed separately. Such a number of characters can be made larger, without adding a magnifying glass to the watch glass.

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The watch with calendar function is not complicated in structure. The main parts that make up the calendar mechanism are: calendar dial, calendar dial, calendar wheel, calendar positioning rod, calendar positioning rod spring, calendar fast dial, calendar cover. And screws, etc.

Working principle: the power is transmitted from the hour wheel, and the shifting of the calendar wheel makes the calendar dial rotate one turn every 24 hours. There is a nail (or spring) on the calendar dial for the movement. The teeth of the calendar dial. The calendar dial has 31 teeth and characters, and the calendar positioning rod cuts into the teeth of the calendar dial, and plays a role under the pressure of the calendar positioning rod spring. If the taek form is slow crawl or fast jump, the calendar dial and the calendar dial will move slowly a little bit (from 8 pm to 12 pm); if the taek form is instantaneous jump Then, there is a cam under the dial, which has a large lever and a spring. When the cam is compressed by a large lever and suddenly released, the calendar dial is hit one by one (tooth). Most Watches Factory can also quickly dial the calendar to quickly adjust the calendar number. Generally, when the watch is pulled out, the calendar can be quickly dialed. At this time, the setting wheel engaged with the cross wheel will be disengaged from the steering and the calendar fast dial. The calendar fast dial is a rocking gear, that is to say, its axis is a long hole, so only the crown rotates in a certain direction. At the time of the tangential force of the gear meshing point, it will approach and engage the teeth of the calendar dial and rotate it. The calendar speed dials are often few, and 3-5 teeth (the star wheel in the photo). Please do not make calendar adjustments from 8:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

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