The only gloves that are worth getting are the barrows'

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The same principle applies to platelegs. The only difference is that Dragon platelegs are much cheaper. The question is, how much will it cost to fix it (convenience of RS gold repair isn't an issue since there are NPCs that repair in Lumbridge, Khazard, Burthorpe, Void Knight Outpost and you can repair it at your home)?

It costs 90,000 every 15 hours. Less if you're doing it in your house and you actually have a medium smithing level (50 as an example is 70k). Let's make it a round number to 100k, like we're rounding down the cost of Torag's to 300k, not 340k. 1290 = 86*15, which is how many hours of your time you'd have to be fighting the thing (not simply wearing it) prior to spending as much on it as you would with a dragon's platebody.

For reference, 200 hours would be a long time in order to reach a proficiency of 99. This degrades in combat. This isn't just a matter of wearing it. The numbers don't diminish slowly. They are good and then they end when they go from 25% to zero. I cannot understand why you should pay more for a lesser piece of armour , due to the necessity to fork out tiny amounts of cash each 15-hour period of battle. Dragon platebodies' reason for being costly has nothing to the reason they are so expensive in the sense that they're hard to come by.

If not, I'll buy Bgs and an d claw along with any extra cash... The rest of cash goes to levels mage, pray summ or herby. Ndy: Got 90 Str today.. I wont be training this for a while.. That is until I get 85 def and 90 atk. (From the 80-85 ..), and 70 and even the veng..

At that point I'd be one of those crs. I can afford Sarasword very easily.. I have complete torags as well as full veracs for when I tank grind (full three sharks in the tank, and the rest of the super sets and ppots for praying offence..)

The only gloves that are worth getting are the barrows' gloves.. and obtaining every stat and all quest reqs for them will require me atleast 2 months full of questing and mastering.. I'd rather not. My exams are on too. Are you noticing that I don't own Ags no more? Bgs can be used to pke and Clw during breaks.. Bgs the combo of spec + dh is a sure way to kill pwn. Sarasword's FAYYYLLLS in pvp.. Also, as I said, the next time i train str, It'll include Cr.

I'm pondering what strategies I should use to defeat Nomad. I've yet to attempt it however I'd like to make sure the next time I try, I'm well-prepared and know exactly what I can expect. If you can, please share any tips you have. I'll publish buy OSRS gold my stats to see if they can help. Thank you in advance to everyone who responds.