Animal Crossing Tips to Getting Started in New Horizons

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Animal Crossing finally went mainstream with New Horizons, which has already outsold all of the series’ previous entries


Animal Crossing finally went mainstream with New Horizons, which has already outsold all of the series’ previous entries. That means a lot of new players exploring the world for the first time, and with Animal Crossing: New Horizons offering more possibilities than ever, there are a lot of questions to be answered.

Whether you're a first-timer or veteran villager, we'll let you know exactly what to do to start off your island adventure right.

Don’t put off the quests

In the first few weeks of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom Nook will guide you through some light quests. These include paying off your moving fees, crafting furniture for new villagers, and improving your town. These are easy to ignore, but you shouldn't.

While you might want to spend all your time decorating your house or designing clothing, you’ll miss out on some features if you don't go through the quests. These are important, game-changing features like the ability to create paths and roads.

Eat fruit

Growing and selling fruit is a great way to earn bells, but you have another option. Eat the fruit! This gives you super-strength that enables you to do things like break rocks. If a rock is in your way, you can destroy it by eating fruit and then hitting it with an ax. Don’t worry. These rocks will respawn, so you can still get resources from them.

Double down on that inventory

Stuffing your pockets full of what you'll find around the island is your way to riches - and to paying off your loan and getting a bigger house - so you'll want your pockets to be as big as possible.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your inventory is upgradeable, granting you access to greater storage space when you're out and about (it's also worth noting that your storage space at home is pretty much unlimited, so you'll always have somewhere to offload any excess items you may have).

When it comes to your own personal storage, you'll want to head to the ATM machine in Resident Services where you'll be able to upgrade your inventory space. There are a couple of upgrades available, both paid for in Nook Miles - and it makes sense for this to be the first thing you spend your Nook Miles on, as bigger pockets means a bigger cashflow. It's all about bells, bells, bells.

Tool up!

You won't start Animal Crossing: New Horizons with everything you need, and some tasks will prove infuriatingly impossible over your first few days as you lack the resources or crafting items to make key tools.

There's a way around that, though - if you go to the airport and head to a mystery island (something which is possible shortly after the tutorial), Wilbur will be waiting for you when you disembark and he'll have every tool you'll need available for purchase.

They're not free - and for repeated trips back you'll need a Nook Miles ticket too - but they are cheap, and a quick and easy way to get all the tools you need in your arsenal early on in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Start planing a fruit farm

There are plenty of ways to make money in Animal Crossing - selling shells, fish and bugs, playing the stalk market by picking up a batch on Sundays and then trying to spin a profit during the week, or even selling the 'hot item' in Nook's Cranny for a nice injection of cash - but early on it's wise to build a decent fruit farm.

You'll only have one type of fruit to start with, though you can quickly attain more - either head to a mystery island where you should be able to pick up coconuts and another type of fruit, or visit other friend's islands to see what they have.

And when you've got a new and exotic fruit, don't sell it straight away! Instead plant it, and maybe even set up an orchard so that you've got a healthy source of cash ready to be picked and sold every few days.

It's a bit of forward planning that will pay dividends as you keep coming back to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.

Talk to other islanders!

It's easy to get lost in your routine, running around to find the four fossils that appear every day or trying to find that one rock that gives out bells every time you strike it with a shovel, but while you're running your errands don't forget to stop and chat to other villagers every once in a while!

If you're ever lost for something to do, speak to Tom Nook and he'll make it perfectly clear what's needed to progress further, or simply talk to other islanders as you come across them.

They'll give you DIY designs, clothes and items to help you pretty up your island, all for nothing but a few seconds of your time. You might even end up becoming friendly with a few - and they might have a few surprises in store as they set you off on some challenges of their own.

Don't rush things

Animal Crossing games are designed to be played over weeks, months and years - and not to be binged over a weekend (although it's tempting to try). Sometimes the best way forward is to simply call it a day and see what tomorrow brings.

You can always, if you're really desperate, time skip so that you can access the bugs, fish and other items that are season specific and complete your collections.

Finally, you may find yourself hurting for resources like wood and iron early on. If you're in that position, use some of your Nook Miles to buy an airplane ticket and travel to a special island. These procedurally generated islands are yours to strip mine. And if you can ignore the unfortunate politics of that, it’s a great way to get what you need to keep crafting items or to complete quests. These are all the starting tips from our side. If you need more help with Animal Crossing New Horizons, Click more guides below or Buy Bells Animal Crossing