Players who can complete ESO Antiquities are very careful

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The game team added Antiquities to Elder Scrolls Online. Affiliated to Greymoor Chapter, it is the latest activity that players can play soon. What ESO players may need to pay attention to is that experts who have studied it in depth have discovered that it is not just one skill line, but two. So how to upgrade them as soon as possible is the problem that most players are facing now. What they need is not only enough ESO Gold but also courage and adventurous spirit.

Players with Summerset Chapter and ESO+ can go to the island of Artaeum to improve your ancient skill line. With ESO Gold, you can use it. If you don’t, you want to find a similar small area such as Bal Foyen or other starting areas in the base game. They are not as efficient as Artaeum (seriously, the island is insignificant compared to other ESO areas), but they travel faster than larger areas. Before we begin, let’s break down the amount of experience required for each level and how much experience each completed prospect will gain.

After entering Artaeum (or the starting area they choose), start searching for the basic green lead in that area in the diary. Each area has an inventory of green-level lead that can be cultivated endlessly. You need to reach level 3 to use Blue Leads, so smaller areas can more easily connect excavation work back to back. After reaching level 3, you will start to get blue quality ESO Gold For Sale from the green level mining, which will be used in the same area.

Once they can solve the potential customers of blue quality, they can complete the potential customers of the green level first, and then select the potential customers of blue quality and start farming these potential customers. After mining, blue high-quality potential customers will disappear, so another green-level potential customer needs to be planted to get new potential customers. Keep this status until they reach level 5 and they can unlock high-quality potential customers in purple. Players who want to participate can also buy ESO Gold to increase the possibility of task completion. Come on!