The description essay

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Read some information about the description essay.

The description essay in school practice has several varieties: description of a picture, description of a person's appearance (portrait), description of a person's character (characteristic), description of the environment (interior), description of the area.

All descriptions aim to recreate in the reader's imagination a certain image. At the same time, the subject who creates a descriptive has his own point of view on the depicted and may be free in his evaluations and ways of presenting the material. To describe means to specify, to reveal some important features, characteristic features, peculiarities, by which we can recognize or imagine the subject of description.

Particular attention in the description is given to bright and interesting details, features, but you should strive to ensure that these details do not look disjointed, and form an integral picture, where everything is interconnected. An essay-description usually has a three-part composition: it will have an introduction, a main part, and a conclusion.

In the introduction, identify the object of description: who or what it is, why it will be discussed. If it is a single object, state its main coursework writing service or role in its environment, also, if the object is a phenomenon or situation, you can write in the introduction what it is associated with or primarily interesting.

Think about what it is that draws attention to the object that makes it recognizable; it could be its qualitative characteristics or the actions that occur in or with it.

According to the identification of this characteristic, use evaluative adjectives, adverbs, figurative expressions, and timeless verbs in the main body of the essay to describe the object that characterize the states of the object in different periods of time.

First describe the most essential features and characteristics of the object so that it becomes recognizable, and then proceed to the  python assignment help and minutiae that complete the image, use original definitions and comparisons. Do not give trivial characteristics, try to show what a careful and subtle observer you are. Use verbs with a neutral meaning (can see, need to understand, begin to notice, etc.) to describe the movement of thought. As you conclude your description, describe the object in a short, succinct phrase - indicate what result the features you named create and what it means.


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