Zion Williamson’s Air Jordan 35 PE Unveils New Orleans Saints Team Logo

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Zion Williamson’s Air Jordan 35 PE Unveils New Orleans Saints Team Logo

Nike was most likely discovered during quarantine, and it has begun to show a sudden interest in the world of botany, which is reflected in some of their upcoming Blazer Mid versions. After their research on pomegranates, the brand New Nike Blazer Low PRM will soon switch their courses to indigo plants because it uses its similarities and its products on the beloved vintage silhouette. Similar to the previously mentioned, the pair was fairly simple at first, taking advantage of the universality of a clean white canvas. Swoosh and heel labels, however, contrast their dark blue dye, a logically reminiscent of indigo at the helm. Elsewhere, above the grid, the plant itself is embroidered on a relatively real similar top, and its stems and petals are accompanied by a small "Figure 1" text, just like extracted from a textbook. Although not completely visible, the heel seems to contain more information, such as the subject’s scientific name.

Now the NBA 2020-2021 season is in full swing, and the image of Jordan Pace began to appear quickly one after another. Only between Carmelo Anthony and Jason Tatum, there have been many such works, each of which has a much more unique inspiration than any one. And now, following the Pelicans yesterday's game, we are capturing Zion Williamson's first Air Jordan 35 detailed image: New Orleans-inspired "home team" color scheme. As its name implies, this scheme is completely influenced by New Orleans sports; but the couple did not highlight basketball, but chose the iconic colors of the Saints. The logo of the team even decorated the heel, which is relatively abnormal for sports of this nature. Adjacent to it, the back label is covered with gilded text, and "WHO DAT" is written on the left and right faces, which is a chant often heard by the loyal fans of the saint. In other places, the colors are more direct, with gray and black decorating the top and bottom separately. There are few gold finish marks on the top, the most obvious being the trapeze embroidery along the tongue.

As early as 2019, rumors about the collaboration between Skepta and Nike surfaced again-this time on Air Max Tailwind V, which was one of the brand's latest revivals at the time. But with the coming and going of 2020, there is almost no way to publish or even announce. Buy Nike Air Force 1 07 White Black  Only insiders disclosed the lovers, and eBay sellers also provided relevant information. Similar to the previous option, the color scheme reproduces the same black and red scheme, which is probably the scheme that the dirt artist himself likes. At the top, a little bit of chrome is decorated on the side profile, forming a Swoosh shape, which adds bling with the matching metal counter. The black polished cladding is then placed aside, wrapped in red synthetic material in a fashion reminiscent of Air Max Plus. This silhouette is very popular in the UK and European scenes. Elsewhere, the brand is quite light with the partner's signature "SK Air" logo staying along the tongue and insoles.