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 They'll create franchise style just adequate enough to rope you for the 60 admittance ticket. Then they'll funnel you towards supreme team as much as they Mut 21 coins possibly can. Upgrades and new content for UT weekly but franchise style will stay largely the exact same on day 1 that it is 12 weeks afterwards. I like UT, particularly squads, but it's pretty shitty how EA pushes the ultimate team arena in all their sports games now. It was a new thing in the last iteration of NCAAF and I wager their frothing in the mouth trusting that title returns in the future so they could have yet another cash cow UT game.It's nice to at least get an acknowledgement. We got nothing from Nintendo with #FixUltimateOnline. I hope EA gives Madden the same remedy they did Battlefront II in reaction to this backlash.

Ya know, madden does have a community supervisor. He just literally only posts over on the greatest team sub. Its foolish. I perform a good deal of Destiny, also there could be riots if Bungies community managers only talked about 1 game mode. This would not have happened if Madden hauled here whatsoever. They start adding features during the year. We're done waiting an entire year for essential basic things that may be an upgrade. I can't wait to find the capacity to employ assistants again and them lauding this as a huge thing. This has come to be the worst season and alter to sports Buy Madden 21 coins games. WWE was a dumpster fire, FIFA was unplayable, 2K was a joke, NHL continued for a scrub. The Display wasn't even especially memorable this season. Like, none of that ought to be hard, but it sure sounds like nobody wants to put at the opportunity to produce these games worthwhile.