They're found in the Brimhaven dungeon or Red Dragon Isle

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Blue - There is always competition in RuneScape gold the Taverly dungeon currently (the the one that you're talking about fishing the eels from). The resource dungeon the area has about 5-6 Blue Dragon spawns and isn't that busy. I kill blue dragons here, but it does require a minimum of 60 in dungeoneering.

Red - They're found in the Brimhaven dungeon or Red Dragon Isle in the deep wilderness. Both are quite far from banks, and not worth it. Blacks without your stats, and since you said you would only kill five, I wouldn't advise you killing them too. Update the original post with your complete stats next time you check back here. Thanks!

I'm not sure what I should get to get the new DG reward. I'm considering either or the Rigour prayer or a Chaotic crossbow. Let's say that you have 100 hits , with an average of 150 damage per successful shot. It is estimated that 20 of the hits will be zeros providing an approximate accuracy rate of 80 percent.

Now that we have taken into consideration the greater accuracy of the Crossbow, your accuracy rate is now at around 87% and each of the seven extra shots you manage will also average 150 damages, of course. Now, your overall average of damage done will be 130.5 and it used to be 120 (this is because it takes into account zeros). Now let's see how this compares to an increase of 5% damage:

Your accuracy rate will stay at 80percent. Now since each of buy OSRS gold these 80 hits will be increased by 5%, the average damage per hit that you succeed in achieving increases to 157.5. This is after we include your additional 20 0s you make per 100 shots. Your new overall damage per shot will be 126. So obviously you will get 20 percent more damage, not 5% however I'm removing damages that eagle eye already provides.