One less player to the Madden 99 group entering week 9

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Dak Prescott is among the 91 OVR Gameday All-Stars who Madden 22 coins will be playing in Madden 22. Madden 22 Thanksgiving promo. Dak's gameday card features the Improviser archetype. It includes the following: 91 Throw under Pressure, 90 Run Accuracy, as well as 90 short accuracy. Other Gameday All-Stars are Eddie Jackson (Bears), T.J. Hockenson (Lions), as well as Hunter Renfrow (Raiders).

The case for Eddie Jackson, if the Bears restrict their opponent to less than 350 yards, Jackson gets a +1 OVR. If he is able to record an interception in the game, he'll be awarded an extra OVR. Therefore, Jackson is able to increase his score to the level of 93 OVR.

Hockenson's targets include him catching three passes, and getting two scores. For Renfrow, he needs 50 yards of receiving, or score two touchdowns. Dak has to pass for 400 yards and/or gain the score of a touchdown. Each one of these will give you an extra +1 OVR, with players able to achieve 93 OVR max.

One less player to the Madden 99 group entering week 9 in the NFL season. The video game brand announced its latest player updates following the Week 8 results. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes decreased one point in his overall rating to the 98th spot. Mahomes, who shares with Tom Brady on the Madden cover together with Tom Brady for this year's game, has not been his typically dominant self this season.

No team in the league is throwing more than 10 interceptions. The Chiefs are currently 4-4, in their battle with playing with a lack of consistency and turnovers. While they did beat Giants in Week 8, they were unable to beat New York Giants in Week 8, they managed just 20 points, and managed to escape with three points in spite of another interception from Mahomes. The quarterback also didn't throw 300 or more yards for buy mut coins madden 22 the fifth consecutive time over the previous six games.