An abstract in cultural studies

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In this article you can read about an abstract in cultural studies.

An abstract in cultural studies is a creative work where a theoretical analysis of the research problem is carried out, use essay helper. In the abstract on cultural studies the material should be presented in a scientific language, reasoned, with the support of facts.

In order for the theme to be disclosed, it is necessary to independently study monographs and modern literature (articles in periodicals). The volume of the abstract on cultural studies is from 18 to 27 pages.

In order to receive an increased grade, a problematic or applied (research) topic of the abstract should be chosen.

Contents - a list of sections, subsections or paragraphs, made in the sequence in which they are given in the final work. It is better to give the content at the beginning of the work, as when reading it makes it possible to immediately see the structure of the work.

In the introduction justifies the relevance of the chosen topic. Outlines the range of issues considered, gives a brief analysis of the available sources and literature on the problem, or use site The theoretical and practical significance of the chosen topic is reported.

The text located between the introduction and conclusion is the main part (the phrase "main part" in the structure of the work is not included).

The main part should be divided into sections and subsections, paragraphs and subparagraphs, each of which should have its own name. When writing the main part, it is necessary to consistently state the material, logically move from one issue to another, confirming the expressed opinion or judgment with specific facts.

The conclusion plays the role of ending, due to the logic of the study. The conclusion is a synthesis of the information accumulated in the main part. This synthesis is a coherent, logically structured presentation of the results obtained, or find audio file to text. It reveals the importance of the issues considered for scientific theory and practice; the main conclusions are given.

The list of used sources and literature is made out strictly alphabetically and with the full output data: the author, title, publisher, year of publication, pages that were used.

Materials that, for whatever reason, cannot be placed in the main text of the document, it is recommended to make out in the form of annexes.


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