International Shipping to Ghana? Learn More About Sea Shipping to Ghana From USA

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Assuming you are transporting utilized family products to Ghana, your freight should show

Arranged in West Africa and lined by the Atlantic Ocean, Ghana is perceived as a main maker of cocoa and gold. For those transportation to Ghana, the country's biggest port is the Port of Tema.

The Port of Tema is has 12 billets, a harbor for fishing and a dry dock. Other transportation ports in Ghana incorporate the Port of Takoradi, the Port of Elmina and the Port of Saltpond.

Assuming you are transportation to Ghana, you should set required reports up. Records needed for transportation to Ghana include:

    Letter of Transfer from your manager (if relevant)
    Ghana Customs Form C.12
    Complete Inventory (written in English, with values, dated, and marked)
    PUBD Form ("Personal Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration") to be finished up at air terminal of appearance.

Kindly note: disappointment might cause punishment and postponement

Assuming you are transporting utilized family products to Ghana, your freight should show up inside your very own year appearance in the country.

Obligation Free Shipping to Ghana

As far as obligation charges, ghanacelebrities are permitted to send involved family merchandise obligation free as long as you have claimed these things for somewhere around a half year prior to delivery. Likewise, to meet all requirements for obligation free delivery you should plan to keep utilizing your family things and not exchange them.

For those keen on delivery utilized electrical apparatuses to Ghana, you can transport one utilized electrical machine for each family to Ghana obligation free. Assuming that you are keen on delivery various of a similar sort of utilized machine, you will probably be relied upon to pay obligation charges and assessments.

Limited Items when Shipping to Ghana

Assuming you are delivery to Ghana, more up to date things that are under a half year more seasoned are dependent upon specific obligation charges. You are likewise not permitted to bring a lot of food. In the event that you are transporting drugs to Ghana, you want to have a solution except if the things you are delivering are for medical aid purposes.

Assuming you are transporting new electrical things to Ghana, your freight shipment will be dependent upon customs obligations and expenses.