ABOUT Canon Printer

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Canon India Pvt. Canon India Pvt. Ltd. is Canon Inc.'s sales and marketing subsidiary. It is a global leader in imaging technology

ABOUT Canon Printer

Canon India Pvt. Canon India Pvt. Ltd. is Canon Inc.'s sales and marketing subsidiary. It is a global leader in imaging technology. Canon India was established in 1997 and offers a wide range of modern digital imaging products and solutions. Canon India's corporate slogan, "Delighting you Always", is supported by top-quality technology. It offers a wide range of products including Digital Production Printers and Large Format Printers as well as Multi-Functional Devices and Managed Document Services.

Today, the company has offices in 10 Indian cities and warehousing facilities in 6 locations. It employs more than 1000 people and works with over 850 channel partners. Canon India has a large retail presence in India through its Canon Image Square (CIS), PIXMA Zones, and BIS Lounges. Canon India has a service reach that reaches more than 90% of India's PIN codes. This includes Camera collection points and Printer repair centers as well as Copier, Scanner, Large Format Printer Sales Service Dealers.

Canon is proud to bring quality products to market. But, it also takes pride in helping reduce the environmental impact through the effective use of green technologies. Canon is committed to developing resource-saving products that are lighter, smaller, and easier for recycling. India will dispose of end-of-life ij start canon products, and any other electronic waste by transporting them into a government-approved recycling agency.

  • These Guidelines are for Canon Printer First Time Hardware Setup

The setup process for every Canon model is almost similar, however the download through  and installation process may differ. Let's begin with the setup of your Canon printer model.

First, remove the cardboard packaging from the Canon printer model.

You will need to remove all tapes, plastic wrap, and other packaging materials from the model hardware.

Place the printer on a flat surface that is not too close to your laptop or PC.

You should inspect the components that were shipped with your inkjet printer. Setup CD for Windows and Mac, power cable, Cartridges, and manual are examples.

To start the Setup, take the power cable and connect it to the printer's power cord at the rear.

To turn on your printer, press the ON button

If there is a steady light, pull the Paper Output tray and cover.

Install Fine cartridge and Ink cartridge, then slide the paper guide.

Make sure you insert fine, valid blank paper and that everything is properly set up.

Setup is the model number for your Canon printer. Now you've to visit https://ij.start.cannon to download the latest printer software to continue further.

  • Setup Your Canon Printer

You will need to set up your Canon printer after you have purchased it. For setup configuration, refer to the following steps and a manual, if it came with your printer.

Make sure the printer is connected to the power supply.

Turn on the printer and make sure it is properly powered up.

Printing paper is possible by bringing in some paper.

If your printer has a wired connection, connect it to your computer and print using that.

If your printer supports wireless printing, follow the specific printer guide for connecting to your wireless network.

Send a test job, and then run the print job. Double-check the printer's connection and refer to your manual if there are any errors.

How to Install Canon Printer Drivers

These methods will help you to download Canon printer drivers. These methods are described in a step-by-step format for easy understanding.

Update Canon Printer Drivers Using Device Manager

Device Manager is another way to manually update ij start canon drivers. This is an in-built utility program that runs on Windows and allows you to perform driver download tasks for any device. Device Manager can be used to update Canon printer drivers if you have a lot of technical knowledge. To update your drivers using Device Manager, follow the steps below!

Step 1 - Hit the Win logo Key and the R key from your Keyboard to invoke the Run Dialog box.

Step 2 - Next, type devmgmt.msc into the search box. Then hit the Enter key from the Keyboard.

Step 3 - Next, navigate to Printing and Print Queue categories and expand them.

Step 4 - Next, click on the Canon printer device and choose Update Driver from the dropdown menu.

Step 5 - To continue, click on Search Automatically for the Updated driver software option.

Connect Your Wireless Printer to Your Wireless Network

When installing a wireless canon printer, it may ask you for your wireless network information during the initial setup process. You can access the wireless network setup option from the printer's menu. It is usually marked WLAN, not Wi Fi. Wireless connections can be made using either a WPS connection, or your network name and password. This is similar to how your mobile phone connects to your home network.

Select Wireless LAN Setup (inside WLAN) to use a WPS connection and a wireless access points. Tap Start Setup and the blue Wi Fi lamp at the front of your printer will turn on. Hold the WPS button of your wireless access point for 5 seconds. Then release it. To complete the connection, you will need to wait approximately two minutes before pressing OK on your printer. Once you are done connecting, the blue Wi Fi lamp will stay on.

You can connect with your passcode by navigating to WLAN menu, selecting Wireless LAN Setup, and then choosing Other Connection Methods. Select Standard Setup and the printer will look for networks in your area. To complete the connection, choose your network and enter your passcode. Remember that even though you have successfully connected your printer to the network via either wireless or wired methods, your computer can still be connected to your printer wirelessly.