Path of Exile’s next expansion update is coming soon

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GGG stated they plan to release the 3.17 expansion pack in February 2022.

Path of Exile is a popular action role-playing game originally released in 2013. Since then, it was released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2017 and 2019, respectively. The game is often hailed as the leader of the ARPG genre. Path of Exile is known for its difficult but extensive and in-depth system and fascinating content. Many players buy POE Currency to make their exploration in the game easier. As the end of the year approaches, GGG provides an update in Path of Exile in 2022.

GGG stated they plan to release the 3.17 expansion pack in February 2022. Therefore, the Scourge League will be extended in two weeks. Fans of the game can expect more details through the live broadcast before the release. Although some players may be slightly dissatisfied with the launch of the new expansion, most players feel that this is also good news for the Scourge League. They will spend POE Currency to finish the tasks later in the game before all this is over.

The Scourge League is considered by many players to be the most fun. Because of its dark scenes and cruel mechanics, many players who like killing can’t stop. They collect as much enemy blood as possible, including Buy POE Currency.

The preview of the new expansion will also attract more players’ attention. GGG stated that the two-week postponement was to ensure that its New Zealand team can enjoy the holiday and recharge for the coming year. The date will be confirmed at the beginning of the next year. The highly expected Hard Mode will be tested after 3.17 goes live. Players need to spend more POE Currency to get a chance of victory in arduous tasks.

GGG has not proclaimed the preview time of the new expansion, but this has already aroused the interest of players. They may be happily awaiting the release of the latest news.