Path of Exile team’s operations this month deserves praise from players

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COVID-19 not only affected the normal lives of billions of people around the world, but also affected the normal development of Internet work. Take the New Zealand game developer Grinding Gear Games as an example. The normal development plan of the RPG game called Path of Exile developed by it has been put on hold. Although game players have prepared lots of POE Currency for this, many people have not been able to use it in time.

Although the POE development team successfully released three regular extensions this year, the fourth extension that planned to be released this month did not appear in time. And the Beta version of POE 2 that has been concerned by the majority of players has not appeared. Although Grinding Gear Games have long announced that they will release the latter next year, players still express regret and expectation. In a new forum post, the developers also rejected the possibility of 2020 Beta, which was first mentioned when they announced POE 2 in 2019.

Because the first thing the game team must ensure is that they can release regular expansions every season. As for other new content except for expansions, the former must be the first. The reason why GGG delayed the 3.13 expansion was not because of COVID-19, but because the new expansion was too close to the release time of Cyberpunk 2077, which led to the current situation. Fortunately, the game team successfully released three epic events, which can allow players to forget about the upcoming 3.13 expansion and experience new fun.

Since the POE Heist league can no longer give current players any sense of fun, except for novice players, the game team came up with such a trick to restore the trust of those who gradually gave up the game. In fact, if players calculate carefully, there will be new expansions to play after a while. At that time, they need to Buy Path of Exile Currency and POE Items to take the lead in occupying a larger position in the game.