The remaining activity plan in Path of Exile

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Currently POE Heist is over, but many players still miss the excitement and POE Currency brought to them by robbery activities in the league. To the surprise of the players, it was the last Path of Exile expansion this year. GGG replaced the POE 3.13 expansion with three epic activities. Players will not be able to experience the new expansion until mid-January next year. Although they failed to taste the new happiness as expected, the ongoing Endless Delve has added new vitality to their ordinary game life.

Beware, the Endless Delve is a 100% solo event, challenging them to descend into the Azurite Mine without access to any towns or their hideout. It will not require sulphite for them to advance, and Lilly Roth and Niko will be together to allow players access to skill gems. They’ll be able to use the Altar of Ascendancy in the mine encampment to ascend the Azurite Mine, and players’ll have access to the passive points you’d normally gain from quests and incur Kitava’s resistance penalties.

What makes players feel a little regretful is that it will only last for a week. On the 18th of this month, the Heist Flashback Event will replace it to lead players to relive the fun of the Heist League. But players shouldn’t think that they can use the characters they created in the Heist League to take part in the event. They need to create a new character in the event to start the game normally. Each area in Wraeclast will randomly select three Mods, each of which lasts one hour, and the Mod of each area changes every hour.

The game team announced that this event will continue until the eve of the release of the POE 3.13 extension, which means that it will last for three weeks. Currently players can Buy more POE Currency to help them get the greatest achievement in the event. There is no doubt that this is very competitive, which requires every player to go all out.
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