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To start, im posting it because im sure that several people would like to understand how to make some decent, fast money. Also, this is my first guide, so dont flame. If You Have Completeled Edgar's Ruse Use the Teleport, and simply refer to this map to OSRS gold walk your path to the godwars dungeon, beyond the trolls throwing stones, youll see a snowy patch, head down that way, move the boulder and follow along the path.

If this if your first time, attempt to use your rope onto the hole, then the man will talk to you and supply you with a map or something. After that's done, you can return. Head south west, now if you are wearing this ideal gear, you will not be assaulted. Don't assault the level 131! If you're a pure, turn your shield from range on, and cheap RuneScape gold start attacking. If you are a tank, then begin attacking. Once you start to get into it, at approximately 2-4 kills, you will get adamant bars, pick up these and store them in your inventory. You will discover, the pubs average out to around 1 each kill. Also, you will come along various levels of runes, pick up the blood runes, law runes and character runes should you wish. This is where your alch comes in handy, only high alch these and eventually you'll discover that a mass quantity of coins will pile up. After about an hour or so, do a price check on your addy bars, runes and money, and you will observe that you have a numerous quantity of money. Dont stop there though! Leave and revel in your hard earned Cash. Prayer: 70Piety else keep as 43 (in case you dont mind a couple more cb levels afterward 95 for turmoil) Ranged: depending in the event that you want to do sara/arma if so then 90+, Magic: 80. I know you said your gonna keep summoning as 1, but I would recommend that you train it up (it wont effect your pk-ing if you don't use summoning familiars)