Merry Christmas Super Sale: best led grow lights

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Merry Christmas Super Sale - Use Coupon Code: ECO16 To Get 16% OFF.

Now it’s the Christmas promotion, you can enjoy a discount. Merry Christmas Super Sale - Use Coupon Code: ECO16 To Get 16% OFF. Let's take a look at the following eco farm grow light together:

1. ECO Farm Full Spectrum UFO 100W DIY LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants Growing  
1)  ECO Farm UFO full spectrum light with maximizes red and blue nm wavelengths to allow for optimal chlorophyll A and B absorption with a balance of green wavelengths to allow much deeper canopy penetration. Specifically formulated for indoor grow environments, this spectrum fosters photosynthesis in all stages, from propagation to flowering.
2) Lower your carbon footprint and improve your quality by introducing affordable, energy-efficient LEDs.
3) LEDs have been proven to increase yield, improve medical plants quality, and increase the speed and number of crops per year
2. ECO Farm 525W/ 850W Grow Lamp Full Spectrum LED Grow Light COB     
1) ECO Farm led grow light full spectrum dimmable using single 5W LED and 4/6 100W COB chips to make well-balanced light and illumination. ECO Farm LED grow light C850 made unique 13 band with a mixture of both 100w COB and 5w single LED which most closely mimics the natural sunlight.
2) Large aluminum heat sinks and UL fans cooler running make full spectrum growing lights give off very little heat as well as the LED grow light works in quiet.
3) Our LED Grow Light each diodes works like a charm, output is amazing. Your plants will enjoy maximum par value at the lowest possible power consumption.
4) Professional 13 bands full spectrum LED grow light is ideal for the perfect and well-sustained growth of your indoor plants plants and  for speeding up the flowering cycle and reduces your grow time.
5) 3 separate dimmers in achieving the best quality light for seedling veg and flowering.
6) Especially suitable for indoor plants medical plants.
7) Easily set the brightness of light according to your plant’s stage.

The above are a few products that I have introduced to you. If you are interested or want to learn more about led grow lights, you can visit our official website: