How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Says Offline Windows 10?

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This printer offline to online troubleshooting can be used with all types of printers including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP and plenty more.
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Brother is one of the top manufacturers of printer devices. Brother printer offers good functionality and specifications to the users. But sometimes the users face few issues while printing with Brother Printer. Brother printer offline Window 10 is one of the common errors reported by many users. Users can get this error due to various reasons.


Why is my Brother Printer offline Windows 10?

  1. Your Brother printer driver get outdated
  2. Printer driver get corrupted
  3. Your printer is showing connectivity issue
  4. WPS pin is not enabled
  5. Paper Jamming
  6. Print head get clogged
  7. The fuse of your printer gets damaged

How do I get my Brother printer back online?

For finding the error, you should find the exact cause of the error. The error can occur due to the error in firmware or on the software. Sometimes Windows error can also get you into printer error.


  1. Check the connectivity for fixing Windows 10 printer offline brother

When your error appears, you should check the connection. If you have connected the Brother printer with USB cable then check whether the cable is working or not. Connect another device with a USB cable to ensure that you are not using a faulty cable. If the cable is faulty then purchase a new cable. If the USB cable is loose then use a good cable for connecting the printer. You should use a high-speed cable for printing purposes. If you are connecting your printer wirelessly then you should check for the WPS button. For Bluetooth connectivity, you should check the Bluetooth on both devices. Open your computer device and re-enable the Bluetooth. Go to the Brother Printer settings and check the Bluetooth. Keep the printer nearby to the computer. If you are using a network printer then you should check the WPS pin. Go to your router and check the pin. Disable the pin and enable it again. Now try to take a printout with Brother Printer and check for the error.


  1. Check for the printer driver to fix Brother Printer showing Offline error

While setting up a Brother Printer offline on your computer; you need to install the printer driver. This driver is like a connection bridge between the printer and computer. Sometimes, the driver gets corrupted or outdated. If the printer driver gets outdated then you have to restore the corrupted files. Editing the files manually can be difficult. Edit the driver files only when you have the technical knowledge. Check whether your Brother Printer offline fix Windows 10 and gets resolved or not. When your printer driver gets outdated then you have to check for the new update. Go to the browser and check for the latest update for your printer model. Download and install the driver on your device. Restart your device and try to take a printout with Brother Printer.


  1. Check for the paper jam

If the Brother Printer is Offline while taking the printout then you should check for the paper jam. Paper jam appears in Brother Printer when some paper gets stuck inside the printer. Open the access door of your Brother printer and take out the cartridge. Remove all the paper chunks from the printer. Reinstall the ink cartridge on your Brother printer and try to take the printout.


  1. Check the print head on your Brother Printer

If the Brother printer says offline then check the print head. Something the offline error appears when the print head gets clogged. If the user hasn’t cleaned the print head for a long time then the print head gets clogged with the ink. You need to clean the print head to fix the error. You can clean the print head of Brother Printer by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Brother Printer touch screen
  • Click on the Ink Key
  • Press the Arrow button and navigate to Cleaning option
  • Hit the Okay button
  • Press the Arrow button and choose Black and Color
  • Hit the OK button

Repeat the process for 3-4 times to fix the error. Now restart your device and check whether the print head gets cleaned or not. In case the print head of Brother Printer gets damaged then you have to replace it immediately. Don’t forget to check the fuse of your printer. If the fuse gets damaged, replace it and then try to take the printout.


  1. Check the ink level on your ink cartridge

Brother printer showing Offline status message can appear when the cartridge gets empty. You should check the ink level on the cartridge immediately. If the cartridge is empty then you should install a new cartridge on your printer and then check for the error.


  1. Make sure to select the same printer for printing command

If you are still bothering after going through the above enlisted points that why is brother printer offline reflecting on your PC then there could be certain other reasons behind it. One of such causes is that you have selected another printer for printing the content and connected brother printer to execute the task. Under such circumstances when you are giving command to the wrong printer there are possibilities of getting error for printing the content properly. That is why make sure that you are not committing such blunders while giving a print command and selecting the printer for performing the task of printing.


  1. Ensure that your router is not off for Wi-Fi connection

If your brother printer is offline and you are unable to print on it anymore then there is high possibility that your router is not giving Wi-Fi connection to it. Just make sure to keep your Wi-Fi router in the on mode so that no interruption is received by the printer in printing regularly. It is one of the major reasons why people are unable to get the print even after they have checked the cartridge, printer head, printer drivers and everything else. So if your brother printer showing offline then for the sake of satisfaction give a recheck to the router whether it is in off mode or in the on mode.


  1. Broken parts of printer might be interrupting your printer to print

Sometimes people manage everything like update the printer drivers, check the setting for both PC and printer, ink in the cartridge is apt, and internet connection is fully settled but unable to print. If you are under same state and want to know about how to I get my brother printer back online then just figure out the physical well being of the printer. If you brother printer is damaged or any of its part is broken then it might show error in printing the content effectively. A broken printer cannot print especially when the crucial parts of the printer are damaged by several reasons.


  1. Printing cable is aptly installed both in printer and PC

The printing cable imparts a crucial role in setting up a connection between the PC and printer. We can say that it acts as a middleman between the two and if it is not inserted properly in the place you might get the error message like brother printer offline windows 1o. If you wish to omit out such errors from your printing device or PC then just ensure to recheck for the insertion of printing cable both in the brother printer and computer as well. That is how you will be able to print the document without any sort of barrier.


  1. Check it out that your printing queue is clear or not

Sometimes the printer fails to print the document aptly owing to a long queue pending in the printing list. As a result of which it gets stuck and you get baffled that why is my brother printer offline windows 10. In order to manage such trivial issues it is crucial to have a bird eye on such minor things and keep them clear for once and always. Open the setting of your computer and check it out that you have no pending printing documents in the queue which can hinder the functioning of the printer. That is the most significant thing to do when you have checked out almost everything else that can cause the error which results in the brother printer shows offline for printing.


  1. Ink spilling out from Cartridge

Your job is not only to ensure that your cartridges are full of ink level and insufficient ink is not the cause for printing error. But at the same time you have to ensure that windows 10 printer offline brother error is not due to the poor insertion of this ink cartridge in their place. As a result of which the ink is spilling out from them and making it an obstacle in the printing for the brother printer. It is very crucial that you do not ignore even a single point while trying to solve the issues like brother printer is offline for printing the document. That is how you will be able to have a gliding experience in printing with brother printer.


  1. Fluctuating connection

If your brother printer says offline even after established connection then there could be the possibilities of having a fluctuating network. A fluctuating network hinders the working of a printer for printing properly and taking up the command as well. So try to have a stable connection while printing a document so that you do not encounter any sort of error in the mechanism of printing through your brother printer. People starts taking help from the professionals without thinking of this point that their connection might be unstable causing the error in the working of printer. So if you are also sailing on the same boat and want to know about why is my brother printer offline then make sure to check this point on your system as well.


These are the most common glitches that might block your Brother printer from printing anything and reflect the error like brother printer offline on your PC. In case you experience any sort of issue with your printer of brother then you can consider the above steps one after another. All the solutions that are enlisted above are genuine and effective as well. You need not to rush to any professional technician as long as you are following the aforesaid steps religiously for getting rid of the brother printer offline issue. It depends upon the every individual user that which step is going to turn up useful in every way for them in order to ensure the brother printer offline fix. In case the problem still persists which is not going to be the case anymore then you can consider taking technical support as well to make your brother printer print the documents smoothly.


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