Brother Printer Offline? Here is how to get it online |

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Steps To Solve Brother Printer Going Offline Issue · Step1: Restart Your Printer · Step2: Set the Printer as Default · Step3: Turn off 'use printer offline' Option.
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Brother Printer Offline? Here is how to get it online |

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Isn't it annoying that you could not print an important document just because your Brother Printer is not cooperating with you? The Brother Printer offline issue is a common issue faced by the Brother Printer users over a period of time and they have been looking for solutions to fix the same.

Read on to find out more on Brother Printer offline reasons and troubleshooting methods.

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Why is my Brother Printer offline on Windows 10?

  1. You have not turned it on properly
  2. He power cables are connected loosely
  3. Use printer offline mode is enabled
  4. No or poor internet connection
  5. Your printer is not connected to the same network as your PC
  6. Your Brother Printer is not set as the default printer


Fix Brother Printer keeps going offline

If your Brother Printer keeps going offline time and again, then you must check and disable the Use Printer Offline mode

  1. Locate the Brother Printer icon on your desktop
  2. If it is not there find it in the Devices and Printers section
  3. When you find your printer right click on it
  4. Select the See what s printing option
  5. Then, tap on the Printer option from the list
  6. Locate the Use Printer Offline option
  7. Remove the checkmark present against it


Resolve Brother Printer connected to Wi-Fi but offline issue

If your Brother Printer is connected to Wi-Fi but still it is showing an offline status, then the possibility is that you have not connected it to the same network as your computer Apart from this, the issue can also be caused due to incorrect printer configurations. Thus, you may use the method given above to get rid of this issue as quickly as possible. Also, make sure that your printer and computer are sharing the same Wi-Fi network.


How to Bring an Offline Brother Printer Online?

There are a few checks you can make in order to get your Brother Printer back online. Here is what you can do:

  • Check if your printer is turned on properly
  • Look for any errors and try to eliminate them
  • Ensure that it is connected to your computer
  • Check for loosely or improperly connected USB cable and fix it
  • Set your Brother Printer as the default printer
  • Try deleting all the Print jobs from the computer's print queue
  • Try updating the printer drivers
  • Check if the printer status is offline or paused
  • See if there are multiple copies of your printer If yes, then remove the copies


Troubleshoot Brother Printer Offline Issue


Method 1- set up a secure electronic connection

If your printer is not electronically connected to the computer then you must check for issues with the power source. Try plugging in all the cables securely and restart your printer


Method 2- Set your Printer as the default.

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Select Hardware and Sound
  • Click Devices and Printers
  • Right click on your printer model
  • Select Set as default printer.

Method 3- Delete all the print jobs

  • Locate the entry of your printer
  • Right-click on it
  • Select 'See what option is
  • Them, Select' Cancel all documents'


Method 4- Check the printer status

  • Find your printer in the Devices and Printers section
  • Right click on your Brother Printer
  • Select the 'See what's printing option
  • Then, select your printer from the list
  • De-select the box next to Use Printer Offline
  • If you could not select Use Printer offline or it is grayed out then select Open As Administrator
  • Enter the Admin password correctly
  • And, click on the Yes option


Method 5- Install the latest printer drivers

If your device is running on outdated printer drivers, then also you will come across the Brother Printer offline issue go to the official website of Brother Printer and install the latest updates for your printer driver


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it say my Brother Printer is an offline Mac?

There must be a possible paper jamming issue because of which your Brother Printer is showing offline on your Mac. Elves, you have not connected the USB cable to the printer properly which is making your Brother printer go offline again and again.


How do I reconnect my Brother printer to Wi-Fi?

  • Turn on your Brother machine and press the Menu button on the Control Panel
  • Use the Up and Down keys and select network and press OK
  • With the same keys, select WLAN and press 'OK
  • Again, using the same keys, select Setup Wizard and press 'OK
  • Select yes for the WLAN enable? Option.
  • Choose your network from the displayed network SSIDS.
  • Enter the password for the same network and press Ok
  • Apply your settings and by tapping on the OK and Yes option.


How do you reset a Brother printer?

  • Press the Menu option on the printers Control Panel
  • Press the or keys and you will see the Initial Setup option.
  • When you see it. Press OK and then use the same keys to select the Reset option.
  • Once again, press the OK button.
  • Again, use the Up and Down keys to choose the type of reset and press OK.
  • Follow some on-screen prompts to complete the reset.


Despite trying all the methods, if your Brother Printer still shows offline, then you should check if there are multiple copies of Brother Printer installed on your device. If yes, then try removing all those copies and make sure your printer is set as the default printer.

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