Diablo 2 Resurrection: Blessed Hammer Paladin Guide

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The Paladin's Blessed Hammer is very important in Diablo 2, especially in the final level of battle. To win, you must know all its information.

Paladin basics
The paladin has powerful professional skills and simple gameplay. The entry requirement is low, which is very suitable for novice players to get started. Especially it is very suitable for customs clearance/treasure hunt/PVP and other aspects. The initial attributes of the Paladin are very good: it can be charged in the early stage without adding any power. In terms of attribute growth, every level 1 level can increase 2 points of health, and it is in the first echelon. Finally, in terms of attributes, Fast Strike Recovery (FHR) and Fast Casting (FCR) rank second in the industry. Fast Block (FBR) ranks first in the entire industry.

Diablo 2 has 7 classes, and each class has 1 special piece of equipment. The special equipment of the Paladin is the shield. In any battle, the Paladins can use their special shields. The paladin's shield also exerts extraordinary combat effectiveness in battle. It is precise because of these attributes that the Paladin has become a unique existence that truly exerts its professional equipment.

Blessed Hammer Basics
Core skills: 20 points for the hammer of blessing, 20 points for the aim of blessing, 20 points for vitality, 20 points for the focus aura, 1 point for the sacred shield, 1 point for each passing skill. The Blessed Hammer itself has a very high damage value. The magic damage caused in the game is an independent type of damage. In the face of magical damage, no character can leave safely, and it will more or less reduce the combat value.

Blessed Hammer is a combat skill belonging to the Paladin. Every time you cast a skill, use the character as the center of the circle and throw a small golden hammer clockwise outward. The radius will continue to expand, attacking all enemies it touches and finally causing magic damage. The hammer always appears from the left side of the character. Regardless of the orientation of the character, it will be fixed with the character as the center.

The damage of Blessed Hammer itself can only be said to be average. But the two synergistic skills of Vitality and Blessing Aim will give it a 14% damage bonus per level. And focusing on the aura will greatly increase the damage of the Blessed Hammer. This allows the Blessed Hammer to easily cause more than 10,000 magical damage with the help of various bonuses. Second, there are fewer immune monsters. Common monsters that are immune to physical immunity or all kinds of elements are not immune to the damage it causes.

The Paladin also has the most colorful equipment library among the characters. For different scenarios, you can also do some simple fine-tuning of equipment. Among them, the number of slots for the Paladin's armor or weapons must be the same as the number required by the rune. otherwise, it will be unavailable. lucky. Players can use different D2R runes to increase the paladin attribute level. The rarer D2R rune words will be more useful. Welcome to buy D2 Resurrected Runes on to upgrade your adventure.

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