Union LA x Nike Dunk Low Debut In Second Green Colorway

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Union LA x Nike Dunk Low Debut In Second Green Colorway

If you started paying attention to Union LA from their Air Jordan 1 in 2018, Cadysneaker will know that many of their biggest cooperations are multiple. Dunk Low is no exception, because its bright blue color scheme is accompanied by a green dominant alternation. The building follows all the same beats as its cool-toned counterpart. Synthetic materials construct the entire upper part: its panels here combine a dark gray covering and an olive green base. At the top, the same white plaid skirt runs throughout, setting a patterned ground for the Frontman logo and the "UN/LA" label. In these cases, printing may not be distracting, and the printing masks the DIY feeling when the shoes are stitched together.

If none of the Yeezy released in December 2021 can make your heart beat, then take a look at the original Yeezy 500 color scheme, it is this color scheme that triggered the entire platform shoe craze. Yeezy 500 was launched with great fanfare in 2018 and was widely praised for its thick appearance that keeps up with the trend, adherence to the 2021 Yeezy Boost tradition (using the existing KB8 outsole) and the price of 200 US dollars. This light pink/tan tone perfectly embodies the monochromatic neutral color that Kanye has always been loyal to, and will eventually return to the masses in January 2022. The Yeezy 500's "Brush" was originally planned to be released in the fall of 2021, but like many other Yeezy and Jordan blockbusters, it was delayed due to ongoing shipping issues. However, we understand that January 2022 is indeed the target month, so stay tuned for the exact release date. Crimson, light blue and hot pink run through the entire building, in contrast to the black that forms the main body of the building. Even the "N" on the side is soaked in dark paint-even more so with its subtle overlay printing-while the gray-dominated middle panel is replaced with white embroidery.

In addition to Greenhouse, New Balance also collaborated with Chicago visual artist and designer Louis De Guzman. His creative direction and unique touch are not only reflected in the clothing, but also in the silhouette of the 574 that will be released in early December this year. Hey Dude Shoes ,"I am very honored to join New Balance to reshape their iconic 574. This mixed media shoe piece is inspired by my personal palette, and my work is called'In Between The Lines'." This is to improve myself. The expression of consciousness and confidence," Guzman said. "Being able to apply the main body and theme of the work to the color blocks and tools of 574 is a humble process. Prove that this journey is indeed the best part of achieving our own goals and ambitions. I hope this shoe work reminds people to keep moving forward and continue to evolve. I am honored to introduce Luis de Guzman 574 to you. "Guzman's geometric color block pattern is placed on the new medium of 574, and its suede and leather are like the creator's canvas.