How to splash to Splash Old School Runescape

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One of the first things I recall, when I was a youngster, was seeing people kneeling in front of the pond, sifting using nets like they were looking for gold.

One of the first things I recall, when I was a youngster, was seeing people kneeling in front of the pond, sifting using nets like they were looking for OSRS Gold. The other thing that stayed in my thoughts was these bizarre knights with staves battling rats inside Lumbridge castle. It seemed to be somewhat funny, especially since I was unaware of what they were doing. Now I understand - they were part of a magical practice of farming experience called "splashing". I've seen what an amazing method this was for leveling up the magic, and those bizarre knights aren't looking as odd or hilarious to me anymore. Let's look into this, shall we?

What's the matter with Splashing?

As was mentioned previously the practice of splashing is a magical method of training. The reason it's called that is that the way it looks water splashing. The key to this technique is to not hit the opponent. The way that magic experiences work is that you gain experience based on the spell you use, instead of dealing injury as you do in melee. Splashing however gives you the experience but at a drastically lower amount. Why bother you might ask? The answer is that splashing can be done in a hurry. Then, you start splashing and continue to do your normal business. This is actually one of the many AFK actions, and you can learn more on RSorder! How exactly does this process work?

Splashing Gear

To be able to avoid any magic attacks you should lower the magic attack statistic to 65. Anyone who is a Runescaper who is reputable will tell you that using plate armor decreases the magic bonus (and that it functions as a conductor to magic attacks, so the mages suffer more damage than the melee player). All plate armors work in any form, whether black, bronze, or rune. However, wearing a plat isn't enough, and you'll still be able to smack the little rats that live in Lumbridge. To decrease your magical attack power more, you must have dragonhide vambraces or use a goblin staff that is cursed. Dragonhide vambraces need a ranged level to be equipped and the cheapest is green dragonhide vambraces that meet the requirement of 40 levels of range. The staff of the cursed goblin, in contrast, does not have any requirements however, it costs more runes because you won't be employing an elemental staff that gives you one type of rune at no cost.

The Best Targets to Splash at

The most common guideline to follow when choosing an objective is that the target should cause no harm to you, or be so weak that your HP can regenerate and the players are incapable of interacting with it. The most basic NPC's are men and rats in Lumbridge. They aren't the most pleasant, however, as men could be pickpocket by players, and rats could be snatched by cats. Both of these actions can disrupt the flow of water. If you are at a higher level you may choose to pick different targets, provided that you have the right equipment. The chickens of Lumbridge are a good illustration. You might also be able to find them using a specific Runescape Mod.

How to Use Splashing all the dishes. You've got your dragonhide vambraces and goblin staffs that are cursed. Now, you must choose the strike spell you're going to apply. They all work in the same way however, the cost of runes may differ. If you've chosen to go with vambraces you need to choose the one that can work as the most costly runes. When you've got all the runes you require start slapping them on your target and make sure that you turn off auto-retaliation. This is vital. The benefits of experience are:

Fire Strike 13.9k Per hour.

The Fire Bolt 27.0k XP/hour

The Fireblast (also known as Fire Blast) 41.3k Hourly XP

"Fire wave" – 50.7k XP/hour

Other spells of the same level provide an identical amount of XP.

Now all you have to do is to click in the app or shift the camera about every 15 min or less, else you'll be disconnected. This interval of time is significantly smaller than the time of 6 hours that were used back in the golden days of splashing that was ended in 2015 when Jagex announced an unknown update. The update was announced because some gamers were dissatisfied with this method, and believed they were essentially cheating. But, Jagex considered that splashing an integral part of the Old School experience Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold and therefore the restriction was only placed in place and not removed the option completely.