Learn to direct deposit tokens to your MetaMask Login

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There is no denying the fact that the primary aim of why one uses MetaMask is to hold and store supported crypto assets.

As we know that MetaMask is used to hold ETH or ERC 20 tokens, hence, we should also know the process to do so. However, there are a lot of beginners who are still unaware of the direct deposit process on the MetaMask Login. Hence, I am here with the complete instructional guide which will help you to dump all your crypto purchases into your wallet.

To deposit any of the supported assets in your MetaMask Login directly from the exchange where you have purchased it from or from another wallet, you have to take some easy steps. All you need to do is submit a transaction to the MetaMask Login address of one of the wallet accounts where you wish to dump the assets.

Another important thing to note down here is that if you are using Coinbase Pay, there is an exclusive feature that can be used to transfer funds instantly. However, this feature is currently available only for MetaMask extension users.

Using the Direct Deposit feature on the MetaMask extension 

Here are the easy steps to be followed:

  1. Begin the process by signing into your wallet account on the MetaMask extension

  2. Thereafter, you can hover your mouse over the name of your wallet account

  3. When you see the "Copy to Clipboard" option, select it

  4. This shall copy the public address of your MetaMask Login

  5. Now, move to the crypto exchange or wallet on another tab

  6. There, you need to navigate to the "Send" tab where you need to paste this copied address

  7. Further, you can fill in the deposit details in the given form

  8. That's all folks!!! You'll soon receive funds in your MetaMask Login

Direct Deposit on the MetaMask app 

If you are using MetaMask through its mobile app, then here are the steps you need to use for dumping your funds in this wallet:

  1. Sign into your MetaMask Login on its mobile app

  2. When you see the account address, tap directly on it to copy it

  3. You'll see a message when the address is copied successfully

  4. Now, navigate to the exchange or wallet from where you are sending funds

  5. In its "Send" tab, paste the wallet address copied in Step 2

  6. Further, you need to decide the amount you wish to receive in your MetaMask Login

After following a few easy prompts, the process to dump assets in your MetaMask Login will come to an end.


This blog post has been exclusively created to help you understand the process to dump your purchased crypto assets into your MetaMask Login if you are new to MetaMask. As you can see, the given process is very simple and can be easily carried out. I hope you will not come across any kind of serious issues while carrying out this procedure.