Awesome x Vans UltimateWaffle EXP Get An Experimental Sturdy Stitch Upper

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Awesome x Vans UltimateWaffle EXP Get An Experimental Sturdy Stitch Upper

Although their names may be aggressive, their cooperation is usually minimal, and they prefer to celebrate the logo of the various shoes they choose. This is reflected in their latest proposition "UltimateWaffle EXP" (UltimateWaffle EXP). This shoe borrows Van's expertise and is more experimental than their previous work. After careful observation, the shoes soon began to leave marks. Its structure is made of new sturdy sutures, a TPU-based thread, which is hot pressed to create a viscous monolithic base. In addition, the material is stacked for reinforcement, and multi-layered toe caps are wrapped to prevent wear; a single panel is applied to the eye stay and heel to increase wear resistance without affecting air permeability and bending. RapidWeld technology has also come to help silhouettes, providing more structured midfoot and uppers. Then, various logos are rounded on the tongue and heel. The latter conveys "AV"E" on the other side of the counter, and adds fucking Awesome on the bottom transparent UltimateWaffle sole. Co-branding.

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