Manage Your Stellar Lumens Anywhere with the LOBSTR Wallet

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Learn about Lobstr Wallet, the trusted choice for managing your crypto securely. Explore its features & benefits now!

Why Choose LOBSTR Wallet?

1. Beginner-Friendly:

LOBSTR makes it easy for newcomers to get started. Creating an account and depositing assets is a breeze, taking only a few seconds to complete.

2. Buy Crypto Including Lumens:

With various payment methods like VISA or MasterCard, you can purchase XLM (Stellar Lumens), Bitcoin, ETH, and other assets directly from your LOBSTR account, all at a low fee.

3. Directly Send and Receive Crypto Tokens:

Sending and receiving crypto tokens is swift and straightforward. You can receive tokens from friends and family within seconds and send them out using QR codes and wallet addresses.

4. Portfolio Tracking:

LOBSTR allows you to discover new assets, manage them efficiently, and monitor market statistics and asset balances whenever you need.

5. Trade Crypto:

Access to the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX) within the wallet enables you to trade a wide range of crypto pairs. Real-time prices, dynamic charts, and market history are readily available for informed trading decisions.

Safety of LOBSTR Wallet:

LOBSTR prioritizes security with features like passcode authentication, Face ID confirmation, and optional two-factor authentication, IP confirmation, and multisig protection. Multisig protection adds an extra layer of security by requiring verification for outgoing transactions.

Setting Up and Using LOBSTR Wallet:

  1. Registration:
    • Visit the LOBSTR website and select "Get Started."
    • Enter your email address and a password twice.
    • Confirm the password and choose "Create Account."
    • Verify your email address to complete the account activation.
  2. Creating a Wallet:

    • Go to "Settings" and choose "Wallet."
    • Select "Create Wallet" if you're a new user.
    • Provide a preferred username, agree to the terms, and save your Secret Recovery Phrase.
  3. Depositing Crypto Assets:

    • Sign in and go to "Settings" > "Wallet" > "Receive."
    • Choose "Deposit" and copy the provided wallet address.
    • Use this address to receive crypto into your wallet.


LOBSTR Wallet stands out as a versatile option with integrated exchange, fiat deposit options, and open-source functionality. Its emphasis on security, user-friendliness, and real-time updates make it a top choice for managing crypto assets.