All About Documentary Wedding Photographers

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Wedding photographers need to have a game plan. Without one, they’ll be distracted and might miss real moments.

Wedding photographers in Tuscany need to have a game plan. Without one, they’ll be distracted and might miss real moments.

They also need to know how to use their gear well. This includes mastering light, which deserves its own section.

Couples should always provide their photographer with a list of shots that are important to them. This can include things like special family moments or heirlooms that have sentimental value.

1. Photojournalistic

When it comes to capturing wedding moments, photojournalistic photographers look for candids that are unposed. These photographs are authentic, and they tell the story of a couple’s day. They may be a little blurry or have some minor edits, but they will be less contrived than photos from other photography styles.

A good wedding photographer will capture the key moments of your day but also focus on catching emotions as they unfold. This might include a bride’s tears as she walks down the aisle or the laughter of family members at your reception.

When looking at a photographer’s portfolio, check to see how many of their photos are photojournalistic. They might still show some posed images on their website, but the majority should be candid photos.

2. Creative

A wedding photographer with creative wedding photography skills uses a variety of camera tricks to produce unique and artistic photos. These include using reflections (think of mirrors, glass windows and water) to create stunning frames and using different angles and lighting to give a photo a unique perspective.

A few examples of creative wedding photography include creating dramatic silhouettes or using the natural textures of a rocky beach, green grass or rough brick walls to add contrast and depth. Using a mix of frameless shots and photoshopping can also create an artistic look.

Magda from Wedding Voyagers explains that while she is always striving to capture genuine reactions from her subjects, she tries to use creative techniques when possible. However, she warns that photographic fashions can quickly wane and what looks cutting edge today may become dated in a few years.

3. Traditional

Like you’ve seen in your parents wedding albums – the bridal party lined up for some photos, a classic family photo at the alter or a gorgeous wide shot of the first dance. Traditional wedding photography is posed and sometimes may need some mild direction but still looks very natural.

It’s important for the photographer to be able to command a room and get people (respectfully) to do what they need them to do. This may take a bit of practice and confidence but can help them create stunning fine art candids of your guests.

Photographers use their creativity and skills with composition, lighting and post-processing to create a beautiful illustrative style of their own. This could be moody, romantic or something fun and different.

4. Candid

Whether it’s a genuine laugh or the way grandparents embrace their children, candid wedding photos are some of my favorite moments to capture. Capturing these authentic moments requires more than posing cues or prioritizing movement; it’s about creating an environment that encourages them to happen in the first place.

A good candid photographer will be able to blend into the background and use their experience to know when the right moment is coming. They will be able to make guests feel comfortable and allow them to be themselves in front of the camera. They will also have a solid understanding of light and how to frame the scene. A lot of people will hide behind a doorway or other object to avoid being noticed when shooting candid photos, but I find that it’s much more effective to get into the action.

5. Documentary

A great documentary wedding photographer will create a visual narrative of your day and capture real moments that you and future generations can look back on with happiness. They will be unobtrusive and discreet, capturing the natural beauty of your surroundings, the big beaming smiles and the tears.

The most important thing about a great reportage image is that it evokes a feeling in you. It might make you laugh, it might pull on your heartstrings or it could just make you want to be there dancing on the dancefloor with all of your friends and family.

Documentary style is a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera or wants to avoid any posed photos. However, a skilled and experienced photographer will be able to create stunning formal portraits too.