Woo Do Hwan, Jang Dong Gun, Hyeri, And More Confirmed For New Action Movie

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Woo Do Hwan, Jang Dong Gun, Hyeri, And More Confirmed For New Action Movie

The upcoming film “Night Heat” has officially unveiled its cast lineup!

On January 24, it was announced that Woo Do Hwan, Jang Dong Gun, Hyeri, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Min Seok, and Kim Min are set to star in the upcoming action movie “Night Heat.” Filming is slated to begin in Bangkok, Thailand starting on January 25.

“Night Heat” is a hard-boiled action film that depicts the most scorching and intense 24 hours of individuals who exert every effort to survive in Bangkok—a city that does not cool down even in the darkest hours of the night.

Woo Do Hwan takes on the role of Tae Gang, a former professional boxer working as a money collector for Thailand’s largest drug organization who bounces around various illegal martial arts gambling houses.

Jang Dong Gun plays Baek Do Joon, an Interpol agent dispatched to Thailand on a mission to dismantle drug organizations in Bangkok, a city that does not sanction such investigations.

Hyeri portrays Ah Ri, a former girl group member turned dancer who, alongside Tae Gang, now lives a tough life trying to survive in Bangkok.

Park Sung Hoon plays Man Soo, a salesperson for the Korean drug organization in Bangkok. Kim Min plays Gwang Soo, Man Soo’s twin brother and business partner.

Finally, Kim Min Suk takes on the role of Jjang Gu, a drug mule in Bangkok.