FIFA 22 Numbers up card will face price increase

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Among them, the card in Adidas X boots became the most expensive card type in this event.

FIFA 22 Numbers up will launch a huge promotion on November 12th. The initial data of the big players belonging to Adidas will have a huge increase. Therefore, the price of FIFA 22 Numbers up cards will increase. Among them, the card in Adidas X boots became the most expensive card type in this event.

As of Monday, November 15th, Portuguese striker Joao Felix (Atletico Madrid, 88) topped the list with a price of 800,000 coins, while Diogo Jota (Liverpool, 86) followed closely with a price of 475,000 coins, with a in the first place. Although the price of FIFA 22 Coins the three Angel di Maria (Paris SG, 89) is slightly lower, it still costs 310,000 coins.

The most expensive Adidas Predator card is the card of central defender Eder Militao (Real Madrid, 85), which sells for 420,000 coins. Relatively speaking, the Adidas Copa card is cheaper, Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund, 88) and Declan Rice (West Ham United, 87) can be obtained with only 29,000 coins each.

If Numbersup players Buy FIFA 22 Coins change shoe manufacturers in the middle of the season, they will still be eligible for all Numpersup upgrades, so players don’t need to worry.

The performance of these players in real life will not affect the upgrade of these cards. By the end of the season, the Numbers up cards of Felix, Jota and Bergwijn will all have a speed rating of 99.

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