Human Desire Drives Progress in Love Dolls

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With human progress comes desire. I don't understand the deeper meaning of this sentence. Humanity cannot flourish if men are not interested in women.

There are corresponding statements on the Internet. It's called pornography to promote the Internet. The simple logic is that men (and women) prefer to watch adult videos directly on the Internet, so network bandwidth is growing rapidly. In related cases, this website has become the mainstream of adult websites, and BT websites have begun to be closed down one after another. People can use a PC, PAD, or mobile phone to open the website anywhere there is WiFi. VR no longer requires downloading. Pornographic content increases network bandwidth and the Internet industry benefits.

This sentence is also applicable in the field of technology. In other words, porn drives technological progress. To give a simple example, if there are no adult movies, you may not buy a mobile hard drive at once. After reading the computer hard drives and mobile hard drives of more than a dozen friends, I deeply feel the correctness of the sentence "Men always feel that there are no really good adult movies in their hard drives." No adult movies. This sentence is more classic than the sentence "I want to promote human nature."

But men will never be satisfied with something as simple as an adult movie. Even if they can make guns every day, they always feel like something is missing. Physiology is a physiological need, and its higher requirements come from psychology. They always feel that real sex is not as perfect as the scene in the image, or when they try to transfer the scene in the image to the real scene, it will always be unsatisfactory. Therefore, some people fall in love with being submissive and can "play" with them as they please. Everyone's ultimate wish is to have an obedient, smart, talking doll that can maintain various postures and body temperature. Therefore, in the field of love doll all manufacturers are striving for life and striving for the "ultimate doll" in people's minds.

Recently, this Japanese company, which has been focusing on a specific field for 38 years, has used the latest high-tech silicone and 3D printing technology to create a new generation of simulators using desktop 3D printers. It is said that if you don’t look closely, you can’t tell the difference between a real person and a simulated one. This is what humans are like.

According to officials, these simulated human skins are made of high-tech silicone material and are no different from real people. The simulated human skin is well-made, and even the pores are highly simulated. However, experience shows that even the best silicone materials are no match for human skin. It has a stainless steel and aluminum alloy frame, and it has a certain degree of sincerity. Lightness is the main thing. Of course, it would be better if it was durable and strong, as all doll lovers know. The final tentacles of the custom sexdolls are the eyes, which can track the user's rotation within a certain range, possibly using facial recognition technology. People probably wouldn’t have thought that this kind of artificial intelligence technology, which is not widely used in smart hardware such as mobile phones, would be used on dolls’ eyes. Sure enough, the wish is to promote the progress of human society, at least in terms of adult sex dolls.