Animal Crossing ushered in the old celebrity Mr. Resetti

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The highly anticipated update 2.0 and Happy Home Designer Paid DLC has been officially launched. After resetting the button, Mr. Resetti began to randomly appear in the world of different players. Different players have different needs. The new version update adds a lot of features based on player needs. The addition of new features improves the overall quality of life of players.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 2.0 also brings back the fan's favorite character, Brewster. The Pigeon Barista opened his cafe. A cafe is a place for players and other NPC characters to relax and drink coffee.  Players can also see various NPC characters while relaxing. If players want to meet their beloved NPC, players can also choose Buy ACNH Bells to complete various tasks. Attentive players may find one thing. Maybe you will see an NPC character that has disappeared for a long time in the cafe.

The mole character, known as Mr. Resetti, is not a character that everyone likes. The definition of Resetti is to remind the player to remake the game. With the increase in the characters of Animal Crossing, many players think that Resetti's work is outdated. According to the game settings, once the player gets lost or stuck while visiting other islands. Will directly affect players. The most immediate result is that Resetti's role will be demoted. The player will be sent back to his home.

In Update 2.0, players began to see moles appearing in Brewster's Cafe. Resetti seems to appear randomly, even for those who don't have his Amiibo character. Seeing many NPCs in cafes will make more players think that as long as they are in cafes, they can meet their beloved NPC characters. Players can choose Buy Bells Animal Crossing from ACBellsBuy to prepare for the meeting. For a meeting, some people even scanned Resetti's brother Don into the game, which brought both moles into the cafe so that players could chat with them.