Flick and C.J.'s gay story in Animal Crossing

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As in the vacation house scene, C.J. will bring Flick when invited, and vice versa.

In the newly updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a lot of new content has been added, allowing players to have more choices in the choice of game content, especially in the game has added two gay characters Flick and CJ, they make the story of the game more diverse. In addition, there will be 171 kinds of Pokémon to take cute little photos while dancing and eating apples.

As in the vacation house scene, C.J. will bring Flick when invited, and vice versa. Chip will also bring his son to the resort, but C.J. talks about Flick all the time. The chance of Animal Crossing Items getting a CJ in the game is very rare. In addition, after you get him, he will give you some interpersonal advice. This is like talking to him about Flick, which sounds suspicious. . Flick treats bugs like keeping them as pets, but his father just treats them as food, which makes their views divergent. In addition, under the setting of the game, Flick's father Nat is very supportive of the relationship between Flick and C.J.

However, for Nintendo, it is almost impossible to openly design Flick and C.J. as a couple, although fans are eager to confirm their relationship. The public relationships that Nintendo set up Buy Nook Miles Tickets in the game are just business partners, roommates, and best friends. Since gay couples are very rare in entertainment, especially games with "family friendly" as the main theme like Animal Crossing, fans may need to work harder to have a chance to succeed.

Here, Flick and C.J.'s gay story ends here.

Flick and C.J., as a pair of the only characters with homosexuality in the game, have attracted the attention of many fans. So they are taken care of in all aspects of the game. Of course, it is indispensable to use various Animal Crossing Items to decorate their holiday houses. Now MMOWTS has a variety of Animal Crossing Items for players to choose from, so come to MMOWTS to buy some Animal Crossing Items to create a sweet home for this "little couple"!