Those Games Do Not Even Have A Release Date

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I don't understand this type of mindset. Do you play these match because they are fun to playwith? Or do you play Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta them with the concept that it's just"worthwhile" if these 100s of hours have been carried over like it is some sort of investment? I read stuff on the web like this all of the time and it is so strange to me. It is a brand new game which brings new experiences to be enjoyed. NG being announced doesn't somehow negate the pleasure of currently playing PSO2. NG is slated to come out in 2021, that could be over a year from today. That is so much time to enjoy PSO2.

Ummm we just got the game in NA a number people did not play on JPN servers this whole time and now we're being told any progress we make from the version we just got will be for nothing if you would like to play the new game. A number people are also spending some money in this version of the game. They need to have just never released this current version in NA and waited until 2021 for this one. I would have never even started playing if I knew a brand new variant of a live service game was coming out. That is the reason Sega is a third party dev today instead of hardware manufacturer. They seriously take one step forward and two steps back all of the time and it is frustrating. The entire life span for NA is just starting so it will not make sense in any way. Unless this match is similar to a single player experience, then it would make sense. What is the intention of this game? This is key details.

I mean, for a whole lot of us this game is no more than a quick log in, 5 min daily, and then lobby idle until UQ, therefore this (not) new sport will not really interfere with what a few of us are already doing lol I like this Cheap meseta pso2 game enough that I will likely keep playing it even following NGS starts, particularly if they're serious about supporting it before 2022. Also the jury remains out on how makeup and other jump things will be handled outside of their vague statement. Makeup, high quality, and expansions are all character bound but we don't know if they'll carry over, but if they do then it won't be a total waste of money.