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My specialties are Gafta and Phospha arbitration, and maritime law (shipping).

My name is Danil Frisic. I am a lawyer working in the field of English law, helping companies win courts and arbitrations in London. My specialties are Gafta and Phospha arbitration, and maritime law (shipping).

On this blog I share my notes on UK law, arbitration, and anything else that interests me. All blog posts are my personal opinion. Posting is not legal advice. Please consult a lawyer before doing anything.
ICAC of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce was established in 1992 to settle international commercial disputes. The arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the Ukrainian law "International Commercial Arbitration" and its own rules of procedure (regulations).

ICAC provides dispute resolution services arising from international commercial relationships, including contract disputes, investment disputes, trade disputes, and other disputes arising from international trade and business. The main condition is that one of the parties is a non-resident of Ukraine (or a Ukrainian company has a foreign investment)

ICAC is located in Kiev, but can consider disputes under whatever law the parties choose. Arbitrations are attended by 116 arbitrators from 33 countries around the world, bringing together scholars and practicing lawyers recommended in the field of arbitration by international rankings from Chambers Partners, Legal 500 and Who's Who Legal.

ICAC features:

The parties may choose the language of arbitration and the applicable law.
ICAC has arbitrators from 33 countries around the world
The arbitrator has the power to obtain injunctive relief, that is, to order the seizure of property, or to take other measures to maintain the status quo until a final determination is made.
Low cost of dispute resolution compared to other arbitrations (such as LCIA
Expedited resolution of disputes - 6 months from the date of Torvinual formation
Dispute Resolution Process at ICAC
Arbitration begins with a complaint. The complaint will contain details of the arbitration clause and will name an arbitrator. This is what distinguishes ICAC from most other arbitrations where the claimant first submits a notice of arbitration.

The Parties have the right to choose the number of arbitrators and the procedure for their appointment. In the absence of agreement, disputes will be considered by her three arbitrators. Each party will appoint its own arbitrator, and the two arbitrators will then elect the chair of the court. The arbitrator shall be appointed by the ICAC President if there is no disagreement between the parties' nominations and arbitrators.

Requests are submitted electronically and submitted in three (3) written copies. If the claim meets the requirements of the Regulations, ICAC will initiate proceedings and send a copy of the claim to the defendant. Defendant must file a statement of defense and nominate an arbitrator within her 30 days. The court may give the parties an opportunity to submit additional clarifications.

The court will decide whether to hold an oral hearing. If either party requests a hearing, the court must arrange a hearing. Hearings may be held via videoconference.

After an exchange of explanations and hearings, the court proceeds to make a decision. A decision will be made within 30 days after the hearing. In exceptional cases, the period may be extended.