Diablo 4's Betas Should Have Given Players Access to One of the Coolest Gameplay Features

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Diablo 4's open beta gave gamers an idea of the upcoming game, however, it couldn't encompass everything the entire title will contain

Diablo 4's open beta gave gamers an idea of the upcoming game, however, it couldn't encompass everything the entire title will contain.

Fans of Blizzard's action RPG dungeon crawler series happen to be looking toward Diablo 4 for a long period, and thankfully its release is finally imminent. With Diablo 4's launch only days away, many are getting excited about diving into the rich realm of angels, and demons, along with a whole host of other dangers. But for some, Diablo 4's launch is going to be an extension of the experience to date if they were able to check out the game's betas. However, the game's early glimpses would've benefitted from showcasing one promised gameplay feature.

Ever since Diablo 4 was announced at Blizzcon 2019, players happen to be keen to determine where the series would go next and what things developer and publisher Blizzard would retain from earlier entries. While Diablo 4 has kept aspects from the franchise like procedurally generated dungeons along with a focus on gaining loot, it is also innovated several features of its very own. Customization choices are one way that Diablo 4 is upping the ante from its predecessors, in addition to its exciting open world. But one upcoming addition that's new to both franchise and also to beta players may be the use of mounts.

The last mainline admission to the Diablo series was launched over a decade ago, even though fans happen to be able to have a range of other content meanwhile like substantive expansion packs, the Diablo 2: Resurrected remaster, and also the controversial MMO Diablo Immortal, many were craving the arrival of Diablo 4. The game might still not have access to launch at this time, however, the public betas were an effective way for gamers to dig into parts from the upcoming title and find out what they made from it.

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However, although fans might happen to be able to get hands-on using the highly anticipated game the very first time, that didn't mean these were let loose on the realm of Sanctuary. Gamers were limited to exploring the Fractured Peaks among five regions inside the open world and may only experience Diablo 4's Prologue and Act 1. While this did encompass a reasonable few missions and also the open beta included all five starting classes, there is still a lot from the game that players never got to determine, in addition to fun features for example mounts.

Mounts are going to be joining the Diablo franchise for the very first time in Diablo 4, which ought to make making your way around the game's open world much easier. Not only will the various mounts help open more traversal options, but they also have other benefits for example increasing a player's defense stats. Unfortunately, players weren't in a position to make it towards the mission where they might unlock mounts being an option within the beta, as they possibly can only be accessed in Diablo 4's Act 2. Considering just how much of Sanctuary there's to explore, being in a position to get around faster than walking speed is a massive advantage that beta players missed out on.

Not only do mounts provide a speed advantage, but they can also be customized too. This is consistent with Diablo 4's pursuit to include a lot more customization options generally and implies that players can adapt their mount for their particular aesthetic needs with cosmetic changes like adding gruesome trophies for their saddles as well as picking what buffs they can have. There is no doubt that mounts will be handy, but one of the coolest features may be the synergy that may exist from a mount along with a specific class. All classes get their unique dismount attacks, so gamers can utilize their steeds in several different ways in combat too. These pleasingly cinematic actions would happen to be great to determine in the beta, however, it's yet another thing for fans to appear forward to when Diablo 4 finally launches.

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