10 things you can do to increase the value of your home

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Add value to your home and attract more buyers

Your home is your significant other. So whether you are listing ways to improve your new forever home, are planning to make some major modifications to your current home, or are looking forward to revamping your old home hoping to sell it may be ten years down the lane or even right nowthere are certain things that you need to know to ensure best possible results. There are some easy, money-saving home improvement tasks that can help you make your home desirable, while significantly increasing its value when the time comes to sell.

Lets talk about some smart home updates that will increase the long-term value of your home.

1. Fix structural issues

Structural issues are a priority. It makes no sense to carry out cosmetic improvements to your interiors or any further decoration work without doing this first. Some of the common structural issues could be a leaking roof, dented walls or ceilings, rotten roof timbers, broken roof tiles, cracked floor tiles, damp on the ceiling, unstable or rusty doors and windows, insect infestation, squeaky floorboards and stairs etc. Fixing these is quintessential to any remodelling process and to adding value to your home.

2. Decorate it right

Decorating is the most obvious task to do when it comes to adding value to your home. Home hunters are always wooed by a dab of fresh paint, any upgrades, new taps, upgraded light bulbs, clean windows, a kitchen or bathroom makeover, and a neat house. But remember to keep the decorations simple so that potential buyers can change the space according to their taste.

3. Make room for more bedrooms

The value of your home can centre around the number of bedrooms you have. So if you have a spare room, take the opportunity to transform it to an extra bedroom. If you have a loft or attic that is big enough consider converting it to a dedicated bedroom. More the bedrooms, more desirable your home may seem to potential buyers and more the value when you sell it.

4. Declutter your interiors

The most effective yet cheapest improvement you can make to your house is by decluttering. Get rid of the things you have no longer the use of. Find a place to hold your personal belongings, pack them in a storage unit but make sure to keep it away from the sight of potential buyers till you make the selling.

5. Get creative with gardening

Make sure your lawn is mowed, get rid of overgrown bushes, weeds, even sweeping and tidying up your yard would make a great difference and an even greater impression on the buyers. Adding fences, boundary walls, seating, a barbeque place, planting useful trees and plants can add up to the value of your property.

6. Focus on your kitchen

Experts say that the kitchen is the most important room in the house when it comes to making a sale. Make sure that all your appliances are in good working condition. Paint the cupboards, replace unit doors and handles, add cabinets and ample storage units, proper lightingbasically anything that would liven up your kitchen and gives it a sociable look.

7. Let there be light

Make sure that you show your home to potential buyers in its best light. Let plenty of natural light sweep into your home through open curtains and windows. Dont forget to improve your lighting fixtures too. People always value ambience so a little mood lighting is always an added advantage.

8. Make way for a driveway

Creating an ample parking space alongside or in front of your home can add significant value. Even if it means you will have to sacrifice a huge portion of your garden, just do it. Experts say that many buyers prefer a low-maintenance driveway over a well-designed garden

9. Ideal storage spaces

Ample storage spaces in a home are always a huge selling point. Whatever space you have left in the home like space in the attic, under the stairs, above or below the sinks, unused wall space, space on either side of chimneysget creative and add storage space. Extra cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom and cupboards are always important.

10. Exterior makeovers

They say first impressions are the best and it goes for your home too. Most buyers will be put off by a poorly maintained exterior at the first sight of your property. Giving an exterior makeover to your home like repainting walls, doors and windows, repairing windows, adding a front porch, adding desirable plants, adding a house number or sign plate or name, fixing anything old or dented can add value to your home and attract more buyers.

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