Jagex could have done to increase the life span of Runescape?

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You could see the giant banner that reads "Zaros is back!" even in the lobby. Plagues End is something I completely agree with RS 2007 Items. It is impossible to create an entire revolution in just five minutes. But you can do it in two minutes. The highlight of my visit was knocking on the door and attacking each and every member of the opposition.

While I prefer quests to be released at a slower rate than they are now but those quests delight me. They haven't released a quest that ranks in my top favourite quests since 2009. (The Chosen Commander) And when they released 'The Mighty Fall' (which confused me how they involved the Dorgeshunn the quest was meant to have been finished by now) and I thought they should of quit while they were ahead and put the Cave goblins out of the picture.

This was another standard quest that had nothing special. 3 boss fights and running around an area made especially for this quest. The lack of quests in general is due to the fact that we have so many. We're reaching 200 but back in 2005 when the first 29 quests were made available, there weren't many.

With the Completionist Cape world, the most common response to quests these days is "2 hours to get my back rip". They go through the quest as fast as they can without ever really taking in the narrative or the content and they would certainly vote no to any new poll that would allow more quests. There is a chance that it won't be successful. I think that less quests should be of higher quality Cheap OSRS Fire Cape. They're doing a great job at the moment however the quality isn't as good.