Legion: Varian as Badass-Demon-Killer?

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WoD is now at 2. WoD is now at 2. What WOW TBC Classic Gold if you brought these savages witness you ....DIE? !" They put all their heart and soul to create that cinematic. It's a shame the actual expac didn't get the same level of dedication. The whole thing was epic.

Then, wrath remains at 1, since it's impossible to beat that openingline "The day your parents were born, the forests and the lordaeron whispered Arthas." Wrath is an intense experience for me. This game was found for the first time at the close of BC. It was a free trial at the sunwell patch. My first content launch experience was the Zep to Howling Fjord. It made me feel like a child again lol.

Vanilla and TBC would be my most preferred options. They truly convey the feel of being in the middle of the earth. There are warlocks burning the ground under their feet and druids walking through the woods doing shapeshifting. It's almost the WoW of games.

Additionally, I joined WoW December of 2019, in the days when rumors that a virus was circulating began. I decided to stay home. Installed the game, figure I'd try to see if it's something I'd like it even at the 20 level limit. When I first saw the BFA cinematic I was awestruck. I was a horde rolled because Sylvanas for the Horde’ line was so hyped.

WoD. This is a truly epic cinematic. The various references throughout this movie were in line and the music that was played in this expansion nailed it. It wasn't the best expansion for lategame however, I do enjoy going through the zones as I progress an individual to 50.

Cata. The voice Deathwing had was quite good. Breaching out of his realm was very enjoyable. The destruction of the world during his sightseeing trip through Azeroth was something that many back in the days hated however I really enjoyed this new apocalyptic way the game went. It sounded like he was in a death metal group during his free time like N'Zoth or the Twisted ones. Ragnaros playing drums

Legion: Varian as Badass-Demon-Killer? Also, big fights on Broken Shore, yes! But what about narrative or otherwise? There's not much to see other than this, but I enjoy it this way. It's also true that Varian is always better than Andiun. This kiddo isn't my personal favorite, but he's at the very least a better king that Greymane .

BFA The BFA: Yes, I am a fan of this film. The entire Alliance-Horde series is somewhat obsolete. It's just a placeholder for that buy WOW TBC Gold time where no major players have to defeat. (BFA as well as MoP were the only expansions with war). And even in MoP was more war between the factions than BFA)