This is where things start to get strange

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I'm eager to get back into OSRS GP the game. It's one of the only games that I've had the chance to completely immerse myself into and enjoy with people I've met along the way. Although I hope I can be able to, I'd like to have some sense of the situation.

Okay, so I've committed things that were against the rules in relation to my account. It was given away after I was certain I had completed the game. I've recently tried to get it back. Jagex was contacted several times, but I did not receive any information. I was the email address registered for my account, but it was removed over one year time ago. Therefore, it is impossible for me to receive email.

But I got an email (legal (at) jagex com). They advised me that they had evidence that I traded runescape accounts or items in real life. Yes, it's true. (By way, I have never actually bought anything. It's not an issue. I'm just trying to inform people that I'm not smart enough to do this. They said they would be monitoring my account and if I continued to do it I could be sued.

Signed by Jagex MOD Mark. It has made my heart be beat. This is where things start to get strange. You'll receive an email asking you to sign in to your account. I was unable to login.

At the time, I was just an teen and was eager to learn runescape. It was so exciting that I could make my own characters and travel around the entire world. I went through island tutorial and started with only a few coins (I believe that was around 12gp lol? This is.

I took my role as an cheap OSRS GP adventurer "seriously" and was prepared to take on anyone and everything with my bronze sword and wooden shield. Smithing and mine were my favourite abilities at the time. I wanted to make full-iron armor, and was eager to learn more about the different colors (mithril lol). So where did you learn about runescape and what are your suggestions? Sal's Realm of Runescape ofcourse! Through the years, much has happened in runescape... but unfortunately, a lot of these changes weren't very helpful.