The upcoming 2021 Turkey event in Animal Crossing

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With the passage of autumn time, the final activities of Animal Crossing 2021 are getting closer, such as Halloween and Turkey Day. In addition to the return of Brewster and Habitat. and the addition of some new villagers and Amiibo cards. We speculate that the ACNH Direct 2021 launched on October 15 will also trigger a project update for the 2021 Turkey Day event.

Nintendo is always making changes. Preparing for Turkey Day, their team has been repairing items for Turkey Day. Taking into account the needs of players, they also deleted a bunch of pictures with harvest decorations, including Turkish Day casserole. If players want to own it again, they can go to ACBellsBuy, choose Buy Animal Crossing Items and then buy it.

Turkey Day was called the Harvest Festival in the previous Animal Crossing series. On Thanksgiving Day, Franklin will come to your island for the first time as a special character to celebrate the new Turkey Day event. Then he will host a grand Thanksgiving feast with Franklin. Franklin will cook four different dishes for the residents of the island.

Franklin needs to collect all the ingredients to make a table of delicious dishes. If you help Franklin cook and hand over the secret ingredients, you can get a variety of Turkish Japanese furniture and reward recipes. The rewards are generous. Players can choose Buy ACNH Items For Sale to reduce the difficulty of the task. If everything is correct, there will be a total of 12 different rewards available during the event. Some of them are craftable, and some are not craftable items.

Franklin will also help you during the mission. Franklin will tell you all the ingredients you need. In addition to the secret ingredients, players need to work hard to find them. The kind villagers will also help you. Try to talk to the villagers in their house to get clues about the secret ingredient. If you have successfully cooked all four recipes correctly. Franklin will reward you with Turkey Day Carpet, Turkey Day Wall, Turkey Day Floor, and The Last Cornucopia.