Rhyme Runeword in Diablo II: Resurrected

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Rhyme is among the easiest and earliest methods for getting Cannot Be Frozen with an item with excellent properties otherwise

Rhyme is among the easiest and earliest methods for getting Cannot Be Frozen with an item with excellent properties otherwise. You can get this property on other pursuits earlier, for example using the Arctic Gear Set (level 2) or wearing the Death's Guard sash (level 6), however, these are not stuff you will wear much past the earliest levels. Other than the Raven Frost ring (level 45), it is among the most popular Cannot Be Frozen items, because it gets better it has to offer.

Although at first glance this may appear to be a pure caster shield, it's helpful to any class that requires some extra mana regen, resistances, and also the all-important Cannot Be Frozen property. It's not probably the most defensive shield beyond a greater block rate/chance, however, the other properties are great enough this can be overlooked for those but probably the most melee-forward build. Many players make use of this until they can find the elusive 4-socket Monarch in Hell for his or her Spirit shield. Some may change to Splendor around level 37 for that +1 to any or all skills, however, they lose the resistances and Cannot Be Frozen for that trade.

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Rhyme Recommendations

Runewords vary on the suitability for various classes and specs and the utility for that various Mercenaries. This next section will discuss what classes and specs can make probably the most out of Rhyme, whether you should look at using Rhyme together with your Mercenary follower, what base to consider, and where you can acquire Runes.

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Best Classes and Specs for that Rhyme Runeword

Necromancers, Elemental Druids, and Sorceresses will like Rhyme for those its great properties, however, they aren't the only real ones. Javazons and Assassins (people who don't dual-wield) often use Rhyme, just like Hammerdins. The only classes who probably will not use it are Bowazons, dual-claw Assassins, Werewolf/Werebear Druids who prefer two-handed weapons, various dual-wield Barbarian builds, and melee-focused Paladins. Even they might choose to carry one out of places where being frozen is a constant problem, for example, some regions of Act V. For this reason, Rhyme is usually used like a switch shield well into Hell.

Rhyme for Mercenaries


Rhyme might appear to be a decent shield to have an Act III Mercenary, aside from one fact: Act III Mercenaries cannot block. Since almost all of the active defense about this shield originates from the increased block rate/chance, it won't do Act III Merc much good. They do better with shields that offer +Skills, Faster Cast Rate, or Faster Hit Recovery. Rhyme comes with resists, however, these alone aren't good enough to equal this as a decent shield on their behalf.