Breaking down everything NBA 2K23 has to offer

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Playing Now online matches - Every game that you participate during this Play Now online match will earn you 400 VC, and if you are able to win it NBA 2K23 MT, you'll be awarded additional VC.NBA 2KTV- Just by answering trivia questions on NBA2KTV will net you VC.

Although the amount you get might not be significant yet, it's an excellent option to earn VC while testing your Basketball knowledge.Claiming Daily Rewards- Though not guaranteed, there is an opportunity to earn VC by claiming Daily Rewards. There are also Daily Pick 'Em minigames that are played in the city that could earn you VC should you be successful.

Locker CodesThese are the specific codes that are handed out by developers on occasion. You can redeem the codes for different rewards, including VC.Ultimately you'll collect VC in the course of the game. Additionally, you can purchase VC at the in-game store in the event that it is needed. Breaking down everything NBA 2K23 has to offer.

While Nintendo fans all over the world are excited for Sept. 9th to be the launch day for Splatoon 3. that's isn't the only one going to be available on the Switch the day of. Basketball fans also are able to pick the game NBA 2K23. and it seems this year's installment has lots of brand-new content to get excited about.

In a brand new video series, GameSpot dives into NBA 2K23 to look at what's added since last year's version. Sure, the normal changes like roster revamps and stat adjustments are here but there's more to it more than the usual tweaks Buy NBA 2K MT Coins. The latest edition of NBA 2K's NBA 2K series allows you to experience the legendary players, play a brand new MyPlayer setting, and more.