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Jos Family Law will assist you with a wide range of services to help you through the legal processes like Child Support, Child Custody, Mediation, Alimony, and More.

If you're a victim of domestic abuse or have been wrongfully accused of it in Santa Ana, you need to hire an experienced legal counsel who can represent your interests in pursuing or defending against claims. At Jos Family Law firm, our domestic violence attorneys Santa Ana understand how household cases of violence can affect the whole family, especially the children. Likewise, we also know what it feels to have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence by your spouse, having handled numerous such cases ourselves.

Either way, it's best to obtain the experience and expertise of a domestic violence lawyer who is thorough with the preliminary investigations as he's skilled in the courtroom, standing up for your rights. At Jos Family Law firm, you get prompt action from our advocates and satisfactory results for your case.

Domestic Violence Extends to Family Law

The California Family Code contains over 200 sections of regulations that apply to domestic violence. Division 10, Sections 6200 to 6409 are referred to as the Domestic Violence Prevention Act. These regulations define what constitutes domestic violence between family members. Some key highlights of these sections are:

● Abuse is defined as intentionally inflicting bodily injury, sexual assault, imminent danger, etc.
● Defines other aspects of domestic violence, such as the definitions of a cohabitant, affinity, emergency protective orders, etc.
● Defines the parties involved between whom domestic violence can take place.

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Domestic violence is illegal with strict punishment. If you're accused of committing domestic violence or are a victim of it, you should consult with a Santa Ana domestic violence attorney as soon as possible to stand up for your rights.

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