IGVault Easy Ways to Get New World Coins

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New World is still early in development and things may change, but as it stands this is how most people are getting their in-game currency

In New World, the coin is the main currency, and it allows the purchasing of upgrades, gear, and even properties. That’s why it’s best to farm as many coins as possible. Now, we will get into how to earn coins, plus a few tips and tricks, so you’ll have your pocket overflowing with coins.


Traditionally, MMO RPGs have marketplaces or auction houses. Using these marketplaces generates large amounts of coins in New World for those who know how to play them. New World gives plenty of new options for these types of players, and here’s why

Each zone has a different marketplace.

Different resources are in abundance in these zones.

Now, let’s look a little more closely at that. Each zone is weak in some resources and strong in others, and on top of that, they have separate marketplaces. Farming resources in “Monarch’s Bluffs” and selling them in “Reekwater” will have great gold benefits. Essentially, you want to farm in one zone, and sell resources in another zone. Following this tip will be a major benefit to anyone wanting to farm New World coins.

New World is still early in development and things may change, but as it stands this is how most people are getting their in-game currency.


Completing tasks is the first and most obvious way to earn money. You will receive New World coins and experience points for completing each mission. New missions can be started in Settlements.

This isn't the fastest way, and you'll have to put in a lot of time before you can earn enough money. We do not advocate this strategy as the primary method because it does not provide adequate benefits while consuming a significant amount of time.

Resource Gathering

New World is filled with gathering nodes where you can collect resources and sell them to the vendors. Ensure the resource you embark on collecting has existing demand that will earn you more coins.

Some of the resources you can gather include:



Primary stones

Resource gathering is a sure way to earn you extra coins as the players will be looking to upgrade their items to empower themselves.

As you venture out, you could go for the low-level and mid-level resources that are easy to find, though their returns are lower. Then, as you progress, go for the rare resources that are a treasure to find as they attract a higher value.

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