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On Wednesday, March 15,officials from met with counterparts from Somaliland's Ministry of Energy and Materials (MoEM) in Hargeisa to discuss joint projects related to the production of oil, gas, and minerals. These discussions took place in the Horn of Africa.

According to a MOEA press release, the Joint Energy and Minerals Resources Cooperation Working Group's first meeting was successful. The two nations agreed to work together to grow the oil, gas, and mineral production industries in Somaliland in the future.

According to the press release, the MOEA and MoEM intend to jointly organize training programs and policy forums regarding resource exploration, exploitation, and infrastructure development.

In 2020, Taiwan and Somaliland established relations by establishing representative offices in Hargeiasa and Taipei. A memorandum of understanding that was signed last year led to the establishment of the joint working group on energy and mineral resources.

"Taiwan shared its experience on exploration and production in African countries as a reference for Somaliland in developing its domestic oil and gas sector," reads the MOEA press release. Additionally, in order to cultivate Somaliland's skilled talent, the two sides agreed to jointly map out capacity building training programs on oil, gas, and mineral exploration and exploitation.

The advantageous geographic position of Somaliland on trade lines connecting the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea was also mentioned in the press release.

Eugene Y.J. Chen (), the director general of the MOEA's Department of International Cooperation, is in charge of the Taiwanese delegation that is visiting Somaliland this month. On March 13, the group arrived in Somaliland and will depart on March 18.

The delegation also went to the Ministry of Investment and Industrial Development and the Ministry of Trade and Tourism in Somaliland, in addition to the MoEM. In the future, it is hoped that the meetings will foster increased bilateral cooperation and business opportunities.